Circular economy: International Subsidiary Banks Division awarded

The image accompanying the News on the "International financing of the circular economy" award received by the International Subsidiary Banks Division on the occasion of the LC Sustainability Awards 2023, portrays from above a dense forest of verdant trees that stretch as far as the eye can see, under a sky crossed by the reflections of the sun's rays

Intesa Sanpaolo's International Subsidiary Banks Division has received the “International financing of circular economy” award at the LC Sustainability Awards 2023.

The prize was awarded for participating as the sole financial partner in a Japanese-European research project to develop a nuclear fusion reactor: the reactor, located in Japan, will include many components produced in Europe, and in particular in Slovakia, and could have major repercussions on the international energy supply.

The transaction was implemented through the Slovak subsidiary VUB Banka, in collaboration with the Group's Circular Economy Desk.

The LC Sustainability Awards are promoted by the LC Publishing Group: now in their third year, they are designed to recognise the best sustainability projects in various fields.