Flooding in Tuscany: €1 billion for families and businesses

The image accompanying the News on the €1 billion support for families and businesses affected by the floods in Tuscany, portrays a car emerging in a flooded expanse, from which only the tops of some plants emerge and in which others can be glimpsed debris transported by water

Intesa Sanpaolo is promptly making €1 billion available to support families and businesses affected by the floods in Tuscany.

The measure is aimed at households, businesses, small artisans, traders, agribusinesses and third sector organisations in the region that have suffered damage, to provide immediate support through new financing on favourable terms and with a pre-amortisation period of up to 36 months for businesses.

Other measures include:

  • suspension for up to 12 months without interest of first home mortgages for the families in greatest adversity, in addition to the suspension for up to 24 months of principal payments on existing loans
  • no fees on in-store POS payments up to €30 for one year and no fees for new mobile and virtual SoftPos and POS terminals

Branches in the region are available to provide prompt information and assistance.