Sixteenth Annual Report on the Economy and Finance of Industrial Districts

The image accompanying the News on the presentation of the 16th Economic and Financial Report of Industrial Districts portrays an employee wearing a protective coat and cap inside an industrial plant that processes fruit, while holding an apple and a tablet in his hands

Intesa Sanpaolo presented the Sixteenth Annual Report on the Economy and Finance of Industrial Districts, produced by its Research Department, which offers an up-to-date snapshot of the economic and income situation of district companies.

The Report paints a comforting picture of the state of health of district companies, despite the period of strong turbulence and uncertainty of the last few years: capitalisation strengthened further in 2023, turnover is estimated to have increased by 20% compared to pre-Covid levels and exports remained at the record levels of 2022. Growth is also expected to gradually accelerate in 2025.

Among the districts in the spotlight are those specialised in mechanical engineering and agribusiness, due in particular to their performance in international markets.

The double green and digital transition continues to be the main driver of investments in Italy and business districts, yet these are challenges that require a skilled workforce.

In the coming years, the process of competitive revitalisation of the Italian district system will therefore be able to continue: technology and human capital will remain the priorities, while climate change will impose an increasing focus on the environment, making the green transition increasingly necessary.

“The changes in Italian companies are not just radical, they would have seemed impossible a mere few years ago: we are now doing better than the rest of Europe; productivity is growing.
This survey highlights how it is districts that are driving the positive aspects of this change: investment, the use of new technologies – including digital technologies – patents, financial strength and liquidity are particularly prominent.
In order to support this leap in investment and productivity growth, over this same timeframe Intesa Sanpaolo has made available more than €400 billion of the approximately €200 billion envisaged in the NRRP"


Gian Maria Gros-Pietro, Chairman of Intesa Sanpaolo

Highlights from the Report: