Charitable Fund: focus on women, youth and the educational and digital divide

The image accompanying the News on the resources of the Charity Fund headed by the Presidency which in 2024 have risen to €23.4 million and can be disbursed to Third Sector entities, portrays a smiling young woman with long brown hair, leaning on the entrance to a room in which tables and chairs can be glimpsed

Intesa Sanpaolo's Charitable and Social and Cultural Works Fund, under the Chairmanship of the Bank, will have resources of €23.4 million to disburse to non-profits in 2024 (+15% compared to 2023), with a focus on three main areas of activity:

  • support for women and minors who are victims of violence
  • combating educational poverty and the digital divide
  • support for NEETs (young people neither studying nor working) and ELETs (young people leaving school or training early)

as set out in the Fund's 2023-2024 two-year guidelines.

“Intesa Sanpaolo is an institution with an unparalleled contribution to communities. The Charitable Fund has been contributing to this goal for some time and in 2024 will focus resources – over €23 million – on narrowing the social, educational and digital gaps that limit the full development of Italy and its people. A commitment made possible by the excellent results achieved by the Bank, which puts part of its profits towards solidarity and charity efforts.”


Gian Maria Gros-Pietro, Chairman of Intesa Sanpaolo

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