Financial consultancy: Fideuram – ISPB focuses on female talent

The image accompanying the News on Fideuram – Intesa Sanpaolo Private Banking which aims to enhance female talent with the immediate objective for the next few years of introducing 40% of new professionals, portrays a smiling woman in a white jacket and shirt, with her wavy hair tied back, flanked by other colleagues at adjacent desks, while holding a pen and some documents in her hands

Fideuram - Intesa Sanpaolo Private Banking is focusing on enhancing female talent and has set itself the immediate goal in the coming years of employing 40% new professionals, also increasing diversity in the area of managerial appointments.

The action lines to reduce the gender gap pursue three directions:

  • incentivise and facilitate the admission of females
  • create training and growth pathways
  • create dedicated managerial pathways

One example is a project developed in Fideuram-ISPB called EV.A. (Evoluzione Assistenti): pathways for assistants to become true consultants, including them in the team of professionals with whom they have already worked for some time.

Women who practise the profession of financial consultant in Italy are still few in number: at the end of 2022, qualified women made up only 22.3% of the total, according to data from the OCF (Supervisory body that keeps the single register of financial consultants).

With the aim of reducing this gender gap, in 2023 Fideuram employed 122 women out of 389 new recruits to the profession, the ultimate goal being a standard level no lower than 50%. Moreover, in 2024, women in managerial positions now make up 20% of the management - in 2019 the figure was fewer than 3%.

The flexibility of working hours and the absence of a gender pay gap in the profession of financial consultant, which values individual professionalism and capacity, make it very suitable for female talents.