Intesa Sanpaolo invests in startup that makes air-purifying house paint

The image accompanying the News of Intesa Sanpaolo's investment in The Blue Planet, a start-up that produces the ecological paint Airlite, portrays a man in a work suit painting a wall with a roller

Intesa Sanpaolo is investing in The Blue Planet, a start-up that produces the environmentally friendly paint Airlite: its innovative technology allows it to turn the walls of homes, offices, hospitals and schools into large natural air purifiers.

By generating negative ions that neutralise pollutants, Airlite paint cleans the air of substances such as smog, thus improving the living comfort of buildings. In addition:

  • it contributes to the fight against climate change by reducing building-related CO2 emissions by up to 80% compared to conventional products
  • when applied outdoors, it reflects the warm component of sunlight, saving up to 30% of electricity for cooling.

Intesa Sanpaolo's investment comes to an approximately 18% stake in The Blue Planet.