Small companies: “Crescibusiness Progettiamo Sostenibile” launched

The image that accompanies the News on the "Crescibusiness Progettiamo Sostenibile" program for the promotion of good practices in the ESG field by small businesses, portrays a smiling woman inside her business between the shelves of displayed goods and the shop window.

With “Crescibusiness Progettiamo Sostenibile” programme, Intesa Sanpaolo enhances the ESG best practices of Italian small businesses, thus promoting sustainability as a factor of growth and development.

The initiative is dedicated in particular to small companies and self-employed professionals in trade, handicrafts, personal services, dining and tourism, which are more than 4 million in Italy: they can benefit from a growth journey in the three ESG areas – environmental, social and governance – information activities and workshops and investment solutions such as S-Loan Progetti Green.

Companies interested in the programme can apply by 05/31/2024 and will be selected from among those most attentive to several ESG parameters, such as:

  • reduction in use of natural resources and waste
  • proportion of women, including in management positions
  • employee training hours and customer satisfaction
  • ability to make the most of local excellence, including in micro-supply chains.

The programme is made possible by the contribution of prestigious partners such as Cerved, Intrum and Regalgrid, with the collaboration of Monitor Deloitte and support from Visa.

“Crescibusiness Progettiamo Sostenibile” is part of Intesa Sanpaolo's broader national "Crescibusiness" plan, which makes €5 billion available to small companies in tourism, trade and craft sectors for development measures in the areas of digitalisation, sustainability and innovation.