Digital and green transitions: Look4ward studies the skills of the future

The image accompanying the News on the new research "Rethinking Competencies in Twin Transitions" by the Look4ward observatory portrays a man and a woman in a suit, discussing while walking side by side inside a building with contemporary architecture

As part of the Look4ward permanent observatory, Intesa Sanpaolo is studying the skills of the future in the light of the digital and green transitions, to identify the needs for new skills and the regeneration of professional figures.

The ability to anticipate the major changes brought about by these two transitions, and to adapt quickly to them, is in fact one of the elements on which the competitiveness of companies and countries' economies will be played out in the coming years.

The new study “Rethinking Competencies in Twin Transitions” analyses the strategic approach of CEOs and HR managers at SMEs and large companies, to provide guidance on the challenges and opportunities of the twin transition, its impacts on job profiles and the skills needed to cope with these transformations.

The main findings of the study, conducted by Professor Paolo Boccardelli, Director of the “Franco Fontana” Strategic Change Research Centre at Luiss Guido Carli University, include:

  • the skills of the future will be characterised by a blend of technical and transversal knowledge, with a strong emphasis on interpersonal skills and adapting to change
  • continuous training on new technologies and sustainability ensures competitiveness in an ever-changing job market
  • new leadership based on the power of “we” over the centrality of the individual is fundamental

with more than 70% of respondents identifying the ability to exhibit adaptability and change one’s mindset as important.

The study also aims to be a useful resource in building future training and business continuity programmes.

Intesa Sanpaolo is at the forefront of continuing education and retraining for the new professions required by new technology. The Group also supports its business clients with the delicate transitions that are redefining competitive scenarios globally and that require new interpretative and predictive models, including for the world of work and training.

Look4ward is a permanent observatory on the skills of the future that Intesa Sanpaolo operates in collaboration with LUISS Guido Carli University and in partnership with SIREF Fiduciaria, Accenture and Digit'Ed.