Proverbio: isytech will soon power all of Intesa Sanpaolo’s core banking systems

The image accompanying the News on the interview with Reuters by Massimo Proverbio portrays two IT specialists at work in a data center, with icons that refer to the activity of cloud servers

In a recent interview with Reuters, Massimo Proverbio explains Intesa Sanpaolo's strategic focus on integrating cloud technology into its business model in order to:

  • offer true omnichannel services
  • drive profitability
  • enhance efficiency

as consumer preferences evolve and fintech challengers emerge.

Proverbio is Intesa Sanpaolo’s Chief Data, AI, Innovation and Techology Officer, leading the Group’s tech evolution. 

A fundamental project driving Intesa Sanpaolo’s 2022-2025 strategic plan is the creation of isytech, a cloud-based technology backbone developed with Google, TIM and Thought Machine. 

Isytech leverages public cloud infrastructure to replace the legacy systems that often limit banks from offering customers the seamless omnichannel services that they now expect. The cloud offers benefits such as faster time-to-market, scalability, flexibility in costs, resilience and enhanced cybersecurity. 

Intesa Sanpaolo’s isytech core technology is already being used to serve the retail clients of isybank, the Group’s digital bank launched a year ago. Isybank targets 1 million customers by 2025.

Isytech will soon power all of Intesa Sanpaolo’s core banking systems. "Between end-2025 and early-2026, we plan to migrate the main bank onto the platform that currently supports isybank. We'll migrate the private banking and wealth management businesses in the course of 2026," Proverbio told Reuters. 

Although isytech’s cloud-based technology is new, it’s very robust: "Things have gone very well: the infrastructure has proven reliable, we've successfully tested it with as many as 20 million accounts," Proverbio said. 

Using the same infrastructure, Intesa Sanpaolo was able to launch isybank in just one year. Compared to fintech challengers in the Italian market, isybank has the broadest product offering.

Intesa Sanpaolo’s investment in technology