Support for the Sardinia-based Superemme supply chain with a €2.8mln credit line

The image accompanying the News on the agreement with Superemme to support the over 90 Sardinian small and medium-sized businesses in the supply chain, portrays a mature man inside a supermarket, intent on choosing some vegetables to buy

Intesa Sanpaolo and Superemme have signed an agreement to support the over 90 small and medium-sized Sardinian enterprises that work with the mass retailer.

The transaction, which provides a credit line of €2.8 million to finance the working capital of Superemme's suppliers and business partners, will in particular:

  • make it possible to retain and support the local supply chain by ensuring them better access to credit
  • streamline and simplify payment procedures for suppliers.

The initiative is part of the broader Sviluppo Filiere programme promoted by Intesa Sanpaolo to expand the Italian economy’s production chains.

Superemme is among Sardinia’s leading mass retailers. With more than 1,000 employees, it contributes to guaranteeing employment and economic support for the region, showcasing its fresh produce and flagship local products.