Supporting Illiria Group's sustainability investments with €5 million

The image accompanying the News on the support for the sustainable growth of the Illiria Group with €5 million with S-Loan, portrays a group of colleagues on a coffee break

Intesa Sanpaolo is financing the Illiria Group with €5 million in support of its sustainable development plans, which include:

  • purchase of high-tech digital, energy-efficient vending machines
  • introduction of sustainable procurement solutions
  • training for employees in social and environmental sustainability

with targets for improvement in the area of ESG (environmental, social and governance).

It was precisely to support small and medium-sized enterprises in their sustainable transition, as in this case, that Intesa Sanpaolo developed its S-Loan (Sustainability Loan), an innovative financing solution featuring a bonus mechanism based on ESG targets.

The Illiria Group is a leading Udine-based supplier of state-of-the-art vending machines to central and northern Italy.