Financing of €3 mln to redevelop Viareggio's tourist port

The image accompanying the News on the €3 million financing in favor of iCARE for the redevelopment of the tourist port of Viareggio in a green and sustainable way, portrays an aerial view of the port, with the docks full of boats, and some mountains in the background overhung by clouds in a blue sky

Intesa Sanpaolo is supporting the green, inclusive expansion and redevelopment of Viareggio’s tourist port with a loan of €3 million for iCARE, a company wholly owned by the municipality of Viareggio.

The financing, supported by a SACE Green Guarantee, will allow investments towards the following goals:

  • becoming “plastic-free” port
  • promoting the use of alternative fuels for boats
  • installing recharging stations, solar panels, desalination systems and port water monitoring equipment
  • making boats accessible to the disabled people
  • offering free moorings to recognised associations that protect the sea and its culture

This pioneering project for marinas is characterised by objectives in line with the European Green Deal.