Conto Zerotondo is a zero-fee account, with no handling fees and zero commissions on bank transfers and payment transactions via the Internet, telephone and Bancomat

Conto Zerotondo can be opened and operated directly online

The first advertising campaign of the new group gets the go-ahead 

Turin, Milan, 16 March 2007 –  Just two and a half months into operations, Intesa Sanpaolo presents Conto Zerotondo, the first product that can be opened at any branch of the group in Italy (1) . With a view to promoting this account, the first Intesa Sanpaolo advertising campaign is expected to kick off on 18 March.

Conto Zerotondo will be the gateway to zero expenses for all those interested in getting to know Intesa Sanpaolo. The current account is a no-fee account, with zero handling fees and zero commissions on any bank transfers and payment transactions carried out via Internet, telephone and Bancomat. In addition, it can be opened and operated directly online from the following website: www.contozerotondo.com.

Zero-fee account
Zero fee on account, Bancomat debit card and Revolving Credit Card:
• Zero fee up to December 2010
• Bancomat debit card for free cash withdrawals from the over 6,500 cashpoints of the group in Italy
• Revolving Credit Card, which enables you to plan the payment of purchases in monthly instalments of a fixed amount
• Free direct banking service 

Zero handling fees
The Zerotondo account has no handling fees. The following are free of charge:
• The quarterly statement of account and any notices as required by law (in electronic format)
• Direct deposit of salary or pension
• Direct debit of utilities and other periodical debiting

Zero Costs
With Zerotondo the following are free from any commissions:
• Bank transfers and payments via the Internet, telephone and Bancomat debit card
• Payment of taxes and dues via the Internet or telephone
• One payment a month at the branch (for example to deposit cash or cheques)
On other transactions performed at the branch, a €2.5 commission will apply per transaction.

Online subscription
Clients choosing Zerotondo can subscribe to this account directly online.

The advertising campaign, conceived by SaffirioTortelliVigoriti, which will be broadcast in the media (television, press and internet), intends to convey, by focusing on the main features of Zerotondo products, the principal elements characterising the products of the new group: simplicity, transparency and low-cost.


(1) CR Bologna, CR Forlì e Romagna, CR Padova e Rovigo, CR Venezia, Friulcassa, Sanpaolo Banca dell’Adriatico, Sanpaolo Banco di Napoli. Banca Trento e Bolzano, Biverbanca and Intesa Casse del Centro will be launching Conto Zerotondo at a later stage.


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