Intesa Sanpaolo - Compagnia delle Opere

Joint press release


Milan, 19th April 2007 – Intesa Previdenza, Gruppo Intesa Sanpaolo, and Compagnia delle Opere (CDO) have signed an agreement aimed at offering to firms and persons associated with CDO the chance to take part on preferential terms in an Open Pension Fund entitled “Intesa Previdlavoro” launched by Intesa Previdenza, the leading company in Italy for pension funds.
The agreement arises from the desire of CDO to promote a form of additional voluntary contributions (AVCs), targeting firms and associated entities.
The need for this has arisen particularly because of the recent reform of regulations covering Severance Pay and additional voluntary contributions which introduces the possibility of placing Retirement contributions also in pension funds.

It is possible to benefit from this agreement by applying over the counter at any of the Intesa Sanpaolo branches in Italy.

“We are very happy with the cooperation with CDO, an organisation of great value firmly rooted in the business world, but also in other spheres such as schools and non-profit making bodies”, stated Corrado Passera, Managing Director and CEO of Intesa Sanpaolo, “This agreement allows us to expand our range of services through open pension funds to the wider public of firms and families”.

Raffaello Vignali, Chairman of CDO explained in turn, “We have chosen to start this cooperation with one of the most important Italian entities operating in additional voluntary contributions, in the conviction that the question of future social security deserves our increasing attention; we are encouraging and helping everyone to make informed decisions. This operation with the Intesa Sanpaolo Banking Group is taking place in a wider framework of cooperation aimed at ensuring that the business world can always find in the banking system an interlocutor capable of fully understanding the requirements and offering a realistic and practical response”.

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