Milan, 18 October 2007 – APER (Associazione Produttori Energia da Fonti Rinnovabili- Association of Producers of Energy from Renewable Sources) and Intesa Sanpaolo have signed an agreement that offers APER Associates preferential terms for accessing medium-long term finance for installations producing electrical energy from renewable sources.

The objective is to encourage the development of civil and industrial plant for producing electrical energy using photovoltaic systems, solar thermal collectors, plants for the production of energy from biomass, wind, hydro-electrical, cogeneration or regeneration installations and systems for energy saving.
The agreement places particular importance on the photovoltaic system, in response to the significant growth forecasts for the sector, thanks also to the incentives introduced by the Conto Energia  scheme (Ministerial Decree 19/02/2007). Intesa Sanpaolo has developed solutions, both for Imprese (SMEs) and for the Small Business segment, designed to meet the high initial costs of the plant and make the most of government incentives. The Bank has entered into an agreement with the G.S.E. (Gestore Servizi Elettrici – Electrical Services Operator) whereby these incentives can be used as a guarantee for the loan application and, at a later stage, for the direct payment of the loan instalment. The loan may be for a period of between 2 and 15 years and cover up to 100% of the cost incurred by the company.
The collaboration between APER and Intesa Sanpaolo also includes a preliminary evaluation service for projects presented by Associates. A further advantage is the ability to use the loan granted by the Bank to make direct payments to the installers employed on the project.

APER, founded in 1987, is the association that brings together and represents producers of electrical energy from renewable sources, protecting their interests at national and international level. This activity involves, on the one hand, providing the assistance and  technical and regulatory support required to develop and manage the plants and sell the electrical energy produced and, on the other, promotional initiatives designed to foster training and disseminate a culture of environmental sustainability and Renewable Sources, through the organisation of  a full calendar of courses, conferences and fairs. APER currently boasts more than 250 associates and more than 400 plants. These plants provide a total of about 2000 MW of installed electrical power that uses the force of the wind or water, the rays of the sun and the vitality of nature to produce 7 billion KWh a year,  corresponding to a reduction in  CO2 emissions of more than 5 million tonnes a year.

Intesa Sanpaolo is unreservedly committed in the renewable energy sector and is very conscious of the environmental impact that an organisation of its size may generate. The Bank has taken steps to reduce polluting emissions into the atmosphere by encouraging the consumption of electrical energy from renewable sources. It is for this reason and for the wide range of services and loan facilities offered that it was the first bank in Europe to receive the “Sustenergy Sustainable Energy for Europe” award, established by the European Commission. A commitment reinforced by the agreement signed in July 2007 with the Italian Ministry for the  Environment with the aim of raising the level of cooperation on the matter of energy saving and promotion of renewable energies.
Intesa Sanpaolo – which  is present in all the Italian regions with the 5,800 Banca dei Territori branches – is one of the main financiers of companies wishing to exploit the enormous opportunity represented by investments in the clean energy and emission control sector. The Bank offers them across-the-board support, and also provides them with the assistance required to access finance made available by the European Commission, respective Ministries and Regions.




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