• The objective of the new team is to provide training, technical/commercial assistance and ad hoc professional advice to specialised staff in the branches of the 8 regional headquarters of Banca dei Territori
  • The level of consulting will be enhanced in the interaction between bank and client so as to guarantee progressive assistance in all phases of management of savings
  • The Advanced Centre for Support and Assistance will ensure that the Specialists based in the territory keep constantly in touch with the central structures of Eurizon Capital

Milan, May 20, 2009 – Eurizon Capital, the Group’s asset management company, and Banca dei Territori, the Division including 6,300 branch offices of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group in Italy, have created a new structure devoted to the assistance and training of staff members who work at branches.

The new asset management team will operate directly in the territory in order to co-ordinate information and training meetings with colleagues of the 8 regional headquarters of Banca dei Territori, also providing specialised consulting services concerning the products of the asset management company through a more continuous interaction with the central structures of Eurizon Capital.

The initiative, which aims at intensifying the “service” component of the bank/saver relationship, will make it possible for the branch to strengthen the consulting and customer assistance component in all phases of asset management, from the choice of allocation to the subsequent monitoring of the investments in an ongoing way consistent with return for the saver.

The project thus is intended to offer support to the activity of the Network in the ambit of Managed Savings. This will be possible including thanks to the Advanced Centre for Support and Assistance of Eurizon Capital, provided with a call centre service exclusively devoted to the team of Specialists, as a point of direct access to the savings management company.

The specialist will in fact operate in the ambit of the areas of Banca dei Territori on the basis of indications received from and shared with Eurizon Capital, thus being able to provide the staff of the branch with in-depth examinations and technical/commercial assistance concerning the products, analysis of market trends, professional advice on ad hoc business support measures for individual clients and, prospectively, asset allocation consulting.

"We are able to undertake an initiative of this type, which has great strategic worth", comments Francis Candylaftis, CEO of Eurizon Capital. "In a phase such as the one we are currently going through, the contribution made by a team of specialised professionals will indeed be fundamental, with an eye to developing a direct relation between the branches’ Network and the world of managed savings and mutual funds, thus facilitating their consulting activity and the relaunching of products for asset management."



Eurizon Capital is the managed savings company managed by the Intesa Sanpaolo Group. Headed since July 2007 by CEO Francis Candylaftis, Eurizon Capital is leader in Italy with a 17.16% market share and is specialised in the management of savings on behalf of both retail clientele (mutual funds and estate management) and institutional clientele. As at March 31, 2009, the assets managed by Eurizon Capital totalled over €126 billion (source: Assogestioni).

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