The Fund's assets increase from 400 to over 500 million euro


Milano, 2 May 2011 - Intesa Sanpaolo – through its Corporate and Investment Banking Division - and Palladio Finanziaria have just established the terms and conditions of the agreement for the Bank’s acquisition of a stake in VEI Capital, private equity fund managed by the Palladio Finanziaria investment team.


The deal will be carried out through a capital increase fully subscribed by Intesa Sanpaolo, for an investment of 60 million euro. VEI Capital will simultaneously acquire an additional 50 million euro following redistribution of the residual stakes of Palladio Finanziaria, Generali, and Veneto Banca from Fondo Venice to VEI Capital.


As a result, the VEI Capital Fund’s assets will increase from 400 to over 500 million euro, distributed as follows among the various subscribers:


• Palladio Finanziaria: approx. 160 million euro;

• Generali: approx. 150 million euro;

• Veneto Banca: approx. 70 million euro;

• Intesa Sanpaolo: approx. 60 million euro;

• Banca Popolare di Vicenza: approx. 50 million euro;

• Other Venice subscribers: approx. 15 million euro.


VEI Capital was established in September 2010 by Palladio Finanziaria, with the objective of acquiring and managing corporate stakes for private equity and infrastructural business investments.


The reasons that led Intesa Sanpaolo to invest in VEI Capital mainly regard the fund’s focus on entrepreneurial development projects, its management by an independent investment team with significant experience in the sector, and the well-established presence of the initiative promoter in North-East Italy, a key geographical area in the country's economic and industrial scenario.


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