Rome, 11 November 2011 – Within the scope of a wider collaboration programme with Italian economic, business and banking entities which can boast a deeply rooted and widespread presence abroad in various geographic areas and with a view to ensuring more efficient means of protecting all fellow Italian citizens in emergency situations, today Intesa Sanpaolo signed, together with the Crisis Unit of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a two-year agreement for coordination in the management of emergency situations involving the Italian personnel or the facilities of the said banking Group.

Under the agreement, signed within the scope of the talks started on 21 December 2010, Intesa Sanpaolo undertakes to update the Crisis Unit of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the presence of its own personnel of Italian nationality abroad, in contexts of potential or actual crisis, and on the facilities of the Bank deemed to be of particular national interest. The Crisis Unit of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs undertakes to include the entire personnel and facilities of Intesa Sanpaolo, among those which will be identified in mutual agreement, within the scope of the emergency and evacuation Plans for the relevant foreign countries.

The parties also undertake to evaluate possible collaborations aimed at increasing risk-prevention activities for fellow Italian citizens abroad. Said activity may be carried out by circulating information material from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs among Intesa Sanpaolo clients with regards to the security conditions of the individual countries, and by promptly sharing information between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Intesa Sanpaolo on the increase of risk levels in the different geographic areas.

Intesa Sanpaolo operates with its facilities in 39 countries worldwide and has equipped itself with its own Crisis Management system in order to manage emergencies in all the countries where the banking Group’s facilities are present.


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