• “ProteggiConMe” is Intesa Sanpaolo’s solution for protecting our quality of life from unexpected events 
• Three modules, also available separately: Mortgage, Spending and Investments-Insurance

Milano, 15 April 2013. The significant social changes taking place, made even more acute by the impact of the ongoing economic crisis, have generated a new acknowledgement among Italian families of the importance of taking out insurance in order to help with day-to-day expenses also in the case of unexpected events.
“ProteggiConMe”, the new Intesa Sanpaolo Assicura policy, is a concrete insurance solution for those that wish to protect themselves from specific events that may compromise their ability to afford the regular day-to-day outgoings from their current accounts. Around a year since the launch of the highly popular car insurance product ViaggiaConMe, the new ProteggiConMe policy represents another step in the Group’s strategy of innovating and developing its range of insurance products for the protection of its Customers, a strategy based on the development of top-quality and highly effective solutions.
ProteggiConMe is a policy which, in the event of complete permanent invalidity and – according to one’s profession - unemployment, complete temporary disability or admission to hospital, makes it possible to continue to make regular payments or money transfers from a Group Bank current account for: direct debit payments (RID) or payments against notice (MAV), rent payments via bank transfer, credit or debit card payments; payments for mortgages provided by a Group Bank and periodic scheduled payments into Group company investment, pension or insurance products. 
“ProteggiConMe” comprises three modules, which are also available separately: the Mortgage Module, the Spending Module and the Investments-Insurance Module. At every annual expiry date it is possible not only to change the insured amounts (which can range from a minimum of 300 euro to a maximum of 3000 euro a month) but also to add or remove modules from the policy on the basis of changing requirements. A flexible and innovative tool dedicated to Intesa Sanpaolo customers of between 18 and 69 years of age. 

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