Of the 59 new study grants distributed by the Group, for the first time 30 will be allocated to children of customers

Milan, 1st July 2013 – Once again this year, Intesa Sanpaolo, together with Fondazione Intercultura, will distribute a series of study grants that will enable deserving high school students – including some children of Intesa Sanpaolo Group employees – to enjoy a period living and studying abroad. Intesa Sanpaolo’s relationship with Fondazione Intercultura is now a consolidated partnership that stretches back nine years.

At present 280 study grants have been allocated in total, 59 of which this year as follows: 12 to children of employees, 8 to deserving students who have participated in the Intercultura competitions, and, for the first time, 30 to children of customers. In addition, the Group’s foreign banks will allocate 9 study grants to children of employees and customers in the countries in which they are present so that they can enjoy a study period in Italy.

The following countries will be visited by the Italian grant winners: Argentina, Austria, United States, French-speaking Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, Finland, Japan, Ireland, Iceland, Latvia, the Netherlands and Spain.

The study grant award ceremony was held on 28 June, at Gallerie d’Italia in Piazza Scala.

In a welcome message to the winning students, Enrico Cucchiani, CEO of Intesa Sanpaolo said: "In a global world which is increasingly interconnected and multicultural, minds without borders are required. In view of the Italian economy, characterized by a recession of unprecedented intensity and duration, finding a job is increasingly difficult for young people today. The experience of studying abroad is an unparalleled training opportunity and puts those who benefit from it, in a situation of absolute privilege.

Intesa Sanpaolo is very sensitive to the issue of the internationalization of our economy as well as to the issue of youth training. Precisely for this reason, we invest with conviction in the Intercultural programme of scholarships abroad that are available not only to the children of employees of the Bank but also to the sons and daughters of our customers."

“Intercultura – explained Fondazione Intercultura Secretary General Roberto Ruffino – is grateful to Intesa Sanpaolo, which every year renews its support for the numerous students heading off on study programmes to all five continents of the globe. It is not just about giving personal benefits to the young people who will represent our country in the world and who, through their presence, will create important human bonds for Italy’s social capital. It is also a way of contributing to opening up the Italian education system to other cultures and other ways of life. Despite the laudable efforts of many teachers, our education system is still too focused on Italy, our history, our literature, our past. Without denying the value of our cultural heritage, today we need to know how to communicate with the world and converse in other languages with different mentalities. Through cultural exchanges abroad, the entire education system can learn from other teaching methods and ways of preparing the citizens of tomorrow.”

Since 1955 Fondazione Intercultura has supported activities and projects promoting educational and cultural exchanges between Italy’s young adults and those from other countries across the world. It is a not-for-profit organisation that seeks to bring young adults from different cultures together.

Personal enhancement, merit, cultural openness and tolerance represent the values and the goals of the Intercultura project, which are wholeheartedly shared by Intesa Sanpaolo.

Intesa Sanpaolo Group

Intesa Sanpaolo is the leader in Italy in all business areas (retail, corporate and wealth management). The Group offers its services to 11.1 million customers through a network of 5,200 branches well distributed throughout the country with market shares no lower than 15% in most Italian regions.

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Fondazione Intercultura

FONDAZIONE INTERCULTURA Onlus (www.fondazioneintercultura.org) was founded on 12 May 2007 from an offshoot of Associazione Intercultura, Onlus ed Ente Morale which has promoted and organised international education exchanges for young adults and families all over the world since 1955. It works by awarding study grants (on the basis of a selection, preparation and assistance process) that involve a year-long stay (or less) in another country. The programme includes board and lodging with selected families, attendance of a state school and organised extra-curricular activities.


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