Recognition at European and world level for the Group’s ongoing commitment to social and environmental responsibility



Milan, 13 September 2013 The Intesa Sanpaolo group is placed among the 333 companies in the world that are most active in the field of economic, social and environmental sustainability.


Intesa Sanpaolo stock will retain its position in the “Dow Jones Sustainability Index World” and the “Dow Jones Sustainability Index Europe” financial indices, managed by S&P Dow Jones Indexes and by Robeco SAM (an investor specializing exclusively in sustainable investments and providing advisory and management services to funds worth 8.8 billion dollars). The Dow Jones sustainability indexes were launched in 1999 and monitor the environmental and social performances of the main companies listed on international Stock Exchanges.


The stocks to be included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes (DJSI) are selected on the basis of a strict annual evaluation process conducted by Robeco SAM. The indexes deploy a best-in-class logic and include companies from all sectors with the highest performances in relation to a large number of sustainability indicators. In 2013, around 3000 companies belonging to 24 sectors were invited to participate in the selection.


Intesa Sanpaolo scored well above the average in all areas of business, which is further proof of the reliability and soundness of its achievements.



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