• Intesa Sanpaolo, Setefi and Vodafone have developed an all-inclusive solution to facilitate payments through debit and credit cards
• It is based on a compact card reader that connects to smartphones and tablets and uses an app to accept payments
• The agreement aims to further develop electronic payments and targets the million VAT number holders that do not yet have a POS system

Milan, 26 November 2013 – Intesa Sanpaolo, Setefi and Vodafone have developed an all-inclusive solution to facilitate the acceptance of electronic payments. This unique example of collaboration in Europe involves some of the key players in the banking, electronic payments and telecommunications sectors. The kits consist of a latest generation Vodafone smartphone or tablet, with a fast and secure internet connection and the innovative Move and Pay Business mobile POS by Setefi.

Electronic payments are on the rise in Italy, but the POS diffusion level of only 26% is far below the 50% average of the major European countries. However, a strong stimulus in this direction will be provided in January by the “Decreto Sviluppo bis” law, whereby not only those who sell goods and services but also those providing professional services must allow customers to make payments electronically. The potential market comprises over 1 million VAT number holders that do not yet have a POS system, for a potential transaction volume estimated at around 90 billion euro.

Intesa Sanpaolo, Setefi and Vodafone have combined their respective expertise to develop an all-inclusive offer that enables customers to accept electronic payments wherever they are, taking advantage of the widespread presence and popularity of smartphones (25 million in Italy), tablets and the services provided by these devices. The commercial proposals start from a base cost of 12 euro per month, which includes a latest generation tablet, 4 Gb of internet use, the Vodafone Rete Sicura service (which protects internet connection directly on the network) and the zero-fee POS reader with no activation charge (customers pay a percentage on transactions, based on actual use).

The Move and Pay Business mobile POS is a small certified reader boasting maximum security levels by Visa, MasterCard and the Bancomat Consortium. It is connected to a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth and is equipped with contactless technology. After downloading the free Android or iOs app, payments may be received by following a few easy steps, just like the POS devices in shops. The interface is particularly intuitive, and the transaction details can be viewed online, easily exported and reprocessed for a personalised statement of inflows. 

The kits will be available starting from 2 December and until the end of January in the Intesa Sanpaolo Group branches and through the Vodafone sales network. Intesa Sanpaolo and Vodafone will guarantee customer support through the Bank’s branches, many of which are open until 8:00 pm and on Saturday mornings, and with the support of 3,500 Vodafone agents specialised in micro-business and SMEs.
























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