New Group communications campaign from 25 October







      Endorsed by Claudio Bisio

      New website www.unmondopossibile.com

      Subject of the campaign: the extended opening hours of branches until late in the evening and on Saturday mornings


Turin/Milan 25 October 2013 Un mondo possibile, a new world where we can realise normal ambitions: the recession has lowered the expectations of Italians, whose dreams for the future are once again more attainable. This is the new concept behind the Intesa Sanpaolo Group communication campaign which, from today, will be launched across the media (TV, press and digital world) with a national advertising plan. The new TV and digital advertisements, produced by the STV DDB agency, will feature television celebrity Claudio Bisio.

With the irony typical of the banking group's advertising approach, the new campaign features seemingly impossible stories which are made possible thanks to the services provided by Intesa Sanpaolo. The first two television ads, featuring Claudio Bisio, focus on the extended opening hours of Intesa Sanpaolo branches and will go on air for two weeks from 27 October.


The new campaign underlines how, thanks to the development of a new relationship with customers based on assistance and flexibility, Intesa Sanpaolo is able to meet their needs and realise their projects through concrete initiatives, beginning with the extended opening hours of branches until 8 p.m. and on Saturday mornings, a high-impact initiative that involves around 500 branches across Italy and has proved very popular with customers, who want more time to make their financial decisions.


The communications activities, which also constitute a strategy in line with the changing needs of customers, are aimed at the target groups of Italy's leading banking group which, with over 10 million customers and 5,000 branches, represents the young, families, the elderly and large, medium-sized and small businesses, which will be the protagonists of the next advertisements.


As well as on TV, un mondo possibile concept will also appear on digital platforms, which will examine Intesa Sanpaolo's initiatives and activities in the area of art, culture, training, corporate commitments and the supply of products and services: everything that the bank does to meet the needs of its customers (the young and the not-so-young, families, small and large businesses) will be visible on the new website www.unmondopossibile.com.


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