The award is assigned to those companies that have stood out in the field of innovation of Human Resources management and development processes


Milan, 26 May 2014Intesa Sanpaolo was awarded by the HR Innovation Practice Observatory as the best company to have stood out in the field of innovation of Human Resources management and development processes in 2014.


The banking Group received the award thanks to the activities of the Training Service, which launched the “Capusability” project. It is  a smart system that sets out to enhance employees' training by taking into account their implicit needs (needs the satisfaction of which is considered to be taken for granted), explicit needs (those that are identified through market research and direct contact with personnel) and the learning methods of each one of them.


The initiative is aimed at increasing the effectiveness of training by acting both on the customisation of courses and individual development processes and on the capitalisation and enhancement of the numerous online training resources available within the Bank.


The “Capusability” project operates on two fronts: on one hand, the cataloguing of the existing multimedia materials and learning profiles, and on the other the creation of an “automatic tagging and clustering” engine.

The platform enables to share professional knowledge through the analysis of content, their associated comments, the profession carried out and the profiles of interest expressed by participants.


The 2014 Research, conducted by the HR Innovation Practice Observatory, involved the HR Departments of 101 entities, divided between private companies and Italian public administrations. Ongoing changes in the following areas were analysed:

  organisation of the HR Department in terms of professionalism, skills and sourcing choices;

   digital innovation of HR processes and impact of new trends - such as Business Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Mobile and Social - on human capital management and development models;

   Global HR Management and international mobility management.


In 2011 as well, Intesa Sanpaolo , thanks to the Training Service , had received the HR Innovation Award with the Learning Experience Design Project which was aimed at shifting the focus on the ability to issue courses, design and get people to enjoy rich and engaging learning experiences.



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