Agreement between Intesa Sanpaolo, Italian Tobacconist Federation and Banca ITB
• Intesa Sanpaolo has set up the Internet Banking service for the purchase of INPS “Work Vouchers”.
• The network of tobacconists under agreement with Banca ITB offers the worker the possibility of collecting the amount in cash

Milan, 25 June 2014 – The INPS “Work Vouchers” can now be bought online using the Internet Banking service of Intesa Sanpaolo and cashed in at the network of tobacconists under agreement with Banca ITB. It is an important new development for those who have to pay for accessory work services for which the “Work Voucher” system has been set up.
The cooperation agreement between Intesa Sanpaolo, FIT (Italian Tobacconist Federation) and Banca ITB answers the need to be able to purchase and cash in the “Work Vouchers” in the simplest and quickest way. The next developments will be extension of the sales channel online to include tablet and smartphone applications and the Internet Banking service for businesses.
Each “Work Voucher” has a value of 10 euro, of which 7.50 euro is the hourly wage for the worker; the difference is the deduction for pension and insurance.
The online service of Intesa Sanpaolo enables the employer, in just a few simple steps, to purchase the number of vouchers needed up to a maximum of 500 euro, to debit the cost from his current account and print them directly. The vouchers must then be associated with the taxpayer’s code of the worker using the INPS internet site. Finally, the worker can easily cash in the vouchers at the tobacconists under agreement with Banca ITB – of which there are more than 16,000 – distributed extensively throughout the country.

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