• Gaetano Miccichè, General Manager of Intesa Sanpaolo: “Supporting internationalisation and consolidating our relations with local and international customers is and will remain our main objective in each of the countries where we operate.”


  • Specific focus on key sectors of the Brazilian economy (infrastructure, energy, oil and gas, agribusiness)
  • Product and service platform designed to support our customers' business development and investments in Brazil, and to promote their cross-border activities in Italy and other relevant markets
  • Dedicated desks for Italian, local and international companies, with multi-lingual staff
  • A specific desk offering trade and structured export finance services
  • Close synergy with the international teams of Banca IMI (Investment Banking and Capital Markets)
  • Established relationships with Italian and Brazilian institutions (Embassy and Consulate, Italian Trade Commission, Chamber of Commerce), and with the financial community and local businesses.



Milan, 25 May 2015 - Intesa Sanpaolo has announced a further step in its strategy of strengthening its international network by launching the operations of Intesa Sanpaolo Brasil SA, its subsidiary bank in São Paulo, Brazil. The launch took place after obtaining from the authorities a licence for a commercial bank and investment bank with authorisation to operate in local currency and on the foreign exchange market. According to the Brazilian banking authority’s definition, Intesa Sanpaolo will be a “banco multiplo”, acting in all respects as an industrial partner for Italian enterprises, and the Brazilian and international companies that operate in the country.


The new operation, part of the International Network and Global Industries head office of the Corporate & Investment Banking Division, will operate in close synergy with the international network and the Italian structures of the group and will have dedicated desks available for Italian, local and international companies, with multilingual staff.


Emphasis will be placed on key sectors of the Brazilian economy, including infrastructure, oil and gas, energy and agriculture (agribusiness).


The São Paulo office will provide an enhanced platform of products and services targeted to customer needs and focused on supporting their development and investment. In particular, businesses will be able to benefit from dedicated advisory services for their entry into the Brazilian market and tailor-made solutions for their needs in terms of management of working capital, medium/long-term financial requirements, domestic and international trade flows, and the mitigation of interest rate, currency, treasury and liquidity risks.


The range of services offered includes cash management, trade finance, transaction banking, structured export finance and factoring as well as products for the collection and management of liquidity through the offer of bank certificates of deposits.


Collaboration with Banca IMI, the investment bank of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group, also ensures the availability of innovative solutions and expertise in the areas of structured finance, project and infrastructure finance, investment banking and capital markets.


Thanks to its established presence in the country, customers may rely on a large network of relations with Italian and Brazilian institutions (Embassy and Consulate, Italian Trade Commission, Chamber of Commerce), the financial community and local businesses.




“The launch of operations at the new São Paulo branch represents for our Group a much anticipated consolidation in a market that has always been important for us. In the next few months, our presence will be established as a set-up of primary importance, operating through a real bank, with all the products and services that we can offer companies,” said Gaetano Miccichè, General Manager and Head of the Corporate & Investment Banking Division of Intesa Sanpaolo. “Brazil represents a further step in our organic international growth, a necessary path, which will enable us to support companies in global markets with a view to seizing the best opportunities for the growth and internationalisation of our industrial clients and making available to its local and international clients its experience, professionalism and network, also in Brazil.”


The São Paulo branch strengthens the Latin America presence of the Group, already active in more than 40 countries. Intesa Sanpaolo, through a network of branches, representative offices and banks specialising in corporate banking, is present in 29 countries, where it supports local and cross-border corporate clients and businesses. Finally, through its subsidiaries in the International Subsidiary Banks Division, it ensures strategic coverage of the territory in 12 other countries in Central Eastern Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, providing retail and commercial banking as well as corporate banking services.