• Partnership between Intesa Sanpaolo and Marketwall, a leading start up in the Italian fintech sector, to create a state-of-the-art trading and financial information platform
• Quotes and fundamentals of more than 50,000 financial instruments, information and multimedia content provided by Marketwall
• The Banca IMI Market Hub platform becomes a trading bank for the app developed by Marketwall on Samsung, Loewe, JVC, Pioneer, Sharp and other smart devices.
• The Bank reserves the right to acquire a stake in the company

Turin, 7 September 2015. Intesa Sanpaolo reached an agreement with the Italian start up Marketwall that will change its trading and financial information platform. Thanks to the cooperation with Marketwall, the Bank will be able to offer its customers a greater range of information in real time and extra content that can be accessed through a highly intuitive and effective interface.

Intesa Sanpaolo's five million “multi-channel” customers will benefit from a news base on worldwide markets and companies never seen before, real-time quotes of 50,000 instruments, fundamental analysis data and benchmarking, trading ideas and multimedia editorial content in cooperation with the leading newspapers. Everything will be fully integrated in the new digital platform being designed, which Intesa Sanpaolo will launch in 2016.

Furthermore, through the Banca IMI's Market Hub platform, the Group's Investment Bank, Intesa Sanpaolo becomes the bank trading the orders on the app developed by Marketwall, installed on millions of smart devices (smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, notebooks, smartwatches) by Samsung, Sharp, JVC, Pioneer and others. In the coming weeks, the new co-branded Marketwall-Intesa Sanpaolo version of the app will be launched, which will combine the information functions with those allowing instructions to be given and securities to be traded.

Marketwall is a start up pioneered by Marco Roscio Ricon, the company's current CEO, who was in charge of the Desktop & Internet applications of the London Stock Exchange Group for several years. It is currently owned by the listed Canadian company AnalytixInsight Inc.. Intesa Sanpaolo has reserved the right to acquire a stake in Marketwall, to be exercised within 2018, which would make it a leading shareholder in the company.
For Massimo Tessitore, manager of the Intesa Sanpaolo's Integrated Multichannel Department: “The agreement with Marketwall represents a key step in the overall process of innovation of the digital customer experience undertaken by Intesa Sanpaolo in the last year. Thanks to this partnership, we will increase the ‘points for the acquisition’ of new digital customers and will offer an excellent financial platform to both ‘DIY’ investors and ‘heavy traders’, confirming Intesa Sanpaolo's desire to assume a leading role in all the market segments where it operates”.
For Marco Roscio Ricon, CEO of the Milan-based start up: “The agreement with Intesa Sanpaolo is a natural and crucial evolution for Marketwall. In a world where people increasingly access services and content via smart devices, we have managed to build the first finance platform created specifically for these devices. An ecosystem providing a huge variety of content and transaction functions, usable with an unprecedented customer experience and fully integrated on various devices: from tables to smartphones, wearables and smart TVs“

















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