Carlo Messina, Managing Director and CEO of Intesa Sanpaolo: “Of the many merits of Expo 2015, two are particularly important: that of having given the world the opportunity to learn more about the real economy of our country, an economy with excellence in every field, from entrepreneurship, to art and culture, and that of having allowed this excellence, together with the institutions, trade associations and universities, to work as a system, giving proof, even to the Country, of an indisputable ability and strong internal cohesion. We, who more than ever today are the Bank of Italian companies and families, believe that we have contributed to this success, even through our project for Expo 2015.”



·         184 days of “non-stop” programming, 250 artistic-cultural events, performances by 350 artists, scientists and intellectuals and 110 original shows produced with the main partners of the Bank

·         More than 500 companies played a leading role at events and business meetings, and in turn drew in 3,000 companies from different production fields


·         700,000 people visited the pavilion and attended events


·         650,000 tickets were issued by our branch offices and the on-line platform of the Bank, well beyond our initial sales estimates


·         Transactions for 130 million euro were carried out through the branch office and ATMs on the exhibition site


·         60,000 Expo Flash Cards guaranteed an articulated system of exclusive offers and advantages to Cardholders


·         1 million visits to the dedicated website www.expo.intesasanpaolo.com to continue sharing experiences, ideas and success stories even outside the pavilion



Milan, 30 October 2015 - Intesa Sanpaolo presented its initial report after the conclusion of the project implemented as Official Global Partner of the 2015 Milan Expo.


The results were presented at The Waterstone, the exhibition Area of the Bank at the Expo, by the Managing Director and CEO Carlo Messina and the Head of the External Relations Department Vittorio Meloni.


Inspired by a single guiding concept, namely sharing, Intesa Sanpaolo's project for the Expo consisted of two main themes, the artistic and cultural programme in which the main partners of the Bank participated, and the theme linked to business culture, with the “Ecco la mia impresa” (“Here is my enterprise”) initiative.


Intesa Sanpaolo's project for Expo 2015: the results



The programme of events dedicated to enhancing the Italian artistic and cultural heritage brought to the public of the Expo more than 250 events, including meetings, shows and workshops: from art theatre to music, performing arts and opera, and conferences with famous experts and intellectuals to discuss the important issues of today, the economy, innovation, sustainable development and biodiversity. A project developed together with the main partners of the Bank, and large institutions who are open to innovation and the language of contemporaneity.


Thanks to “non-stop” programming, the artistic and cultural events organised by the Bank brought to The Waterstone the performances of 350 artists, scientists and intellectuals and 110 original shows.



A credit limit of 15 billion euro was placed at the disposal of businesses through new credit lines and loans to support business projects with the focus on growth. During the six months of the Expo, the Bank also launched a project dedicated to companies in the food industry, developed with a micro-production sector approach, and the Chain of Production Programme, which, with a potential ceiling of 15.5 billion euro, aims at supporting the chains of production of excellence by improving their access to credit.



With this initiative, 400 Italian enterprises, of different sizes and in different fields, but with the same high quality, focus on sustainability and a history of success, played a leading role at events and presentations for the public of the Expo, customers, prospects and international buyers.

As a whole, Intesa Sanpaolo hosted 530 enterprises and 35 innovative start-ups at its pavilion who, in turn, attracted more than 3,000 Italian and international companies to their business meetings.


The fields most represented by the enterprises hosted were the food industry at 60%, Design and Innovation 35%, and Fashion 5%.



650,000 tickets were sold by the branch office network; after Lombardy, the highest sales were made in Emilia, Veneto and Piedmont.



Financial services and services to support transactions, and innovative electronic and mobile payment tools were placed at the disposal of 200 organizations, including the Pavilions and operators on the exhibition site, and to more than 20 million visitors.


-       Cash transactions: these exceeded 130 million euro, and included payments and withdrawals, through the branch office and the 22 ATMs located on the exhibition site.


-       POS transactions at the Expo: 2 million payment transactions with credit or debit cards were carried out on the site, equal to a value of approximately 100 million euro.


-       60,000 Expo Flash cards issued during the Exhibition guaranteed to cardholders discounted or privileged access to shows, exhibitions and museums in Milan and in the most important Italian cities, as well as an articulated system of exclusive offers and advantages.



The communication activities conducted by Intesa Sanpaolo also gave positive results with an across-the-board presence on the digital platform, where the events, the artistic and cultural performances and business success stories were discussed even outside the pavilion.



-        Dedicated website

Over 1 million visits to the website www.expo.intesasanpaolo.com, in Italian and English, that during the six months of the Exhibition posted the updated programme of events, as well as YouTube videos and more detailed information about the enterprises.


-        YouTube

With over 15 million views and 4,000 subscribers, the repository channel of all the videos of the Expo confirms Intesa Sanpaolo as the Bank with the highest number of views.


-        Facebook

The "global" Intesa Sanpaolo page has more than 312,000 fans. Together with the more than 980,000 fans of the page Live Inspire, the global page of the Bank on Facebook in 11 languages dedicated to the Group’s International Subsidiary Banks, has a total of 1,300,000 fans after the Expo.





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