• On the 35th floor, it enjoys views out over the city and the Alps, for a unique, welcoming, food and mood experience

• It is part of a “gastronomic system” that also includes a panoramic lounge bar on the 37th floor and a cafeteria on the ground floor

• These eating options round out a building conceived to share innovation, culture, art and entertainment with its city


Turin, 25 May 2016. Today, “Piano35”, the “highest” restaurant in Italy, designed and hosted by Intesa Sanpaolo in the Intesa Sanpaolo Skyscraper, was presented in Turin. The banking group aims for its eating facilities to match the levels of recognition achieved in the field of architecture by this white steel and glass tower, designed by the Renzo Piano Building Workshop (RPBW), a sign of innovation and inclusion of the city following a tradition of excellence. Quality food embracing all kinds of cuisine will accompany the unique experience of being at almost the same height as the Mole Antonelliana, in a completely transparent building, surrounded by a bio-greenhouse of exotic and Mediterranean plants with a 360° view out over Turin and the Alps.

Planned by the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo, the gastronomic project sees Chef Ivan Milani in charge, with maître Adalberto Robbio and a staff of 34. Management is entrusted to Affida, CIR Food group, a newco specialising in high-level restaurant and bar services.

As well as the “Piano35” gourmet restaurant, the gastronomic system put together by Intesa Sanpaolo in the skyscraper includes a refined lounge bar on the 37th floor, where bartender Mirko Turconi and his creations will be in the spotlight, and the “Chiccotosto” cafeteria on the ground floor, on the southern end of the tower. The restaurant will open its doors on 28 June, while the lounge bar will open on 15 June. The cafeteria will open in the next few weeks.

The aim is to ensure that all three locations provide a high-quality, welcoming food experience. The Tering service available for events held in the skyscraper’s auditorium.

Piano 35 has a seating capacity of 60 and will be open for lunch and dinner, from Monday to Saturday. The menu draws on top-quality local produce, in addition to fish and products used in the best international dishes. It will also use wild ingredients such as herbs, roots, moss and lichen from our ecosystems, selected in collaboration with wood*ing - wild food lab. Three tasting menus will be available, together with a “light” meal, available only at lunchtime. The wine cellar offers a choice of some 300 different kinds of wine. Ivan Milani will debut with some of the dishes that have seen him emerge as a top-ranking Italian chef, such as his antipasto “Il tempo delle uova d’oro”, dedicated to his wife, and he is already working on new ones inspired by the skyscraper. Special care has been taken with selection and training of waiting staff, all young people capable of explaining the special characteristics of the location and its menu in various languages.

The interiors are essentially elegant and the mood plays with the transparency of the walls. Round and square tables, ivory armchairs, understated fixtures and fittings made to plans by local craftsmen. The entrance on the ground floor is at 3, Corso Inghilterra, where an escalator leads to a reception desk and, in less than 30 seconds, the lift takes visitors up to the top of the tower. For further information and updates on the opening please visit the website www.piano35.com.

During the presentation press conference the restaurant logo, which was designed by Studio Migliore + Servetto Architects, was finally revealed, stylized in the shape of a lift button with a fork and a spoon in the middle. The simple name of “Piano 35” was chosen together with a linear logo to embody the main elements of this restaurant: its position, exceptional view and high-level food.

The Chairman of Intesa Sanpaolo, Gian Maria Gros-Pietro, declared, “We are lucky enough to be able to think of food in terms of beauty, culture and knowhow. Beauty because we eat first and foremost with our eyes and we have designed a restaurant and lounge bar located somewhere that not only allows diners to enjoy the beauty of Turin from above, but also offers a breath-taking panorama of the Alps, from Monviso to Monte Rosa. Culture and knowhow because in order to create something new in the kitchen, you need to know how to merge flavours with different origins and this skyscraper is the symbol of a group that has successfully mixed local experiences to become the first national bank in Italy and one of the leading banks in Europe."

For Enrico Salza, Chairman of Intesa Sanpaolo Highline, “The Intesa Sanpaolo skyscraper was born under a lucky star in 2006, when we designed the original plans. Today, ten years later, we can host the city and its visitors at the tables of the highest restaurant in Italy. We are celebrating a place of extraordinary beauty, the prosperity of Turin, the many talents born in this city and the future talents the city will attract.”

Vittorio Meloni, Head of External Relations for the Intesa Sanpaolo Group, commented, “The gastronomic system is further important content that expands and enriches the original idea of using the skyscraper not only as a place of work, but also as a quality location for leisure time. The current season has already seen the auditorium in the tower animated by events and happenings that all enjoyed full houses. From now on, the exhibition area on the 36° floor will also be available as a venue. Today we are here to confirm our intention to make the skyscraper an increasingly proactive player in our Group’s communication and identity.”

Research delegate at the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo, Michele Fino, author of the preliminary project for the skyscraper gastronomic system, commented, “For Pollenzo, the Intesa Sanpaolo skyscraper is an opportunity to bring together in one location examples and themes of contemporary gastronomy that would otherwise be difficult to unite: a coherence of philosophy within different spaces and methods of consumption; excellent ingredients used for both restaurant cuisine and for everyday snacks in the cafeteria; extraordinary professionalism with smart service methods in a location that is an icon for the city; design that embraces reduced energy consumption and minimalism, with the aim of minimising all waste. “Piano35” therefore looks all set to become a benchmark from many different points of view, which perfectly reflects the all-encompassing approach that defines activity by the University of Gastronomic Sciences.”

The President of CIR food, Chiara Nasi, commented, “We are enthusiastic to be collaborating in this important project and managing a gastronomic system as part of this prestigious business, contributing our business experience, namely that of a large organised food service group, combining it with the creative individuality of a great chef and his brigade.”
Chef Ivan Milani declared, “I am well aware that this challenge is not just about food, but I know I can count on a brigade that works as a close-knit team, a mix of professionalism, humour and creativity, flanked by a group of people offering us support from the wings. Our desire is to ensure our diners enjoy a unique experience, so that when they leave they will remember not only the flavour of the food, but also how they were welcomed and felt.”


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