·        Intesa Sanpaolo kicks off tomorrow in Milan the first of 8 events

·        With the new PerMe bank-account and the contest on Palco.it, free prizes and invitations to X Factor 2016 live events and grand finale

·        sharingmusic: the strategy of innovation is fostered by sharing


Milano, 27th October 2016 “Diamo spazio alle passioni” is the title of a series of events that Intesa Sanpaolo, main sponsor of the tenth edition of X Factor 2016, will lead starting in Milan tomorrow, together with the program participants, in eight Italian cities hosting some of the most beautiful branches that have been renovated this year in spirit of sharing and transparency. A new concept of space and service that will shortly involve hundreds of Intesa Sanpaolo branches all over Italy; however it is from the flagship office of Piazza Cordusio in Milan that the series of events of the first Italian banking group will start on 28 October, 6 pm, with a night event open to the public, online booking required, in an atmosphere of music, passion and talent, to lengthen the emotion of X Factor 2016 together with one of its contestants: in fact, the musician that will be excluded tonight from the program will take the stage tomorrow at a live concert, together with other guests.


8 night events

The following events of Intesa Sanpaolo’s “Diamo spazio alle passioni” will be in Turin on 8 November (Corso Peschiera), in Florence on 15 November (Viale Morgagni), in Rome on 22 November (Via del Corso), in Pozzuoli on 29 November (Via Terracciano), in Treviso on 6 December (Via Indipendenza) and in Bari on 13 December (Piazza Luigi di Savoia), hosting the show of the artist excluded from the TV program on the previous Thursday. The final event will take palce in Milan on 16 December at the branch office of via Verdi. 


The PerMe bank-account

A new type of bank-account that can be opened at any branch office and on intesasanpaolo.com, dedicated to dynamic customers: PerMe is Intesa Sanpaolo’s new current account, available in four different customizable versions to best fit the needs of customers and their lifestyle, with fees that start from 6 euro per month and that decrease based on additional services and products and with lower costs for customers under 26 years of age.


The Contest

Until 14 November, everyone can win with Intesa Sanpaolo 300 invitations to each single X Factor 2016 ‘live’ and 500 invitations to the grand finale, participating in the contest on palco.it, Intesa Sanpaolo’s multimedia platform, which awards prizes at once. Moreover, the new customers of Intesa Sanpaolo’s PerMe account will get a chance to win two tickets to the grand finale and will get free personalized T-shirts or a subscription to NowTV along with the box.


The philosophy of sharing is the principle that inspires Intesa Sanpaolo’s new cultural and commercial projects: sharing experiences, feelings and stories capable of generating new prospects, a common wealth of ideas, new scenarios. The unusual and innovative choice for a bank to participate in X Factor 2016 as main sponsor and to promote a real tournée all over Italy concurrently with the program fits into sharingmusic.


The similarity of the values that bonds the first Italian bank to this Sky Uno HD program that has become a cult for the large Italian public translates into passion, talent and sharing: in particular, a focus on the needs of the new generations and the scouting of emerging talents merges two Italian champions like Intesa Sanpaolo and X Factor 2016.



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