Intesa sanpaolo presents “sharing italy”


a festival of ideas and actions to enhance Italy’s future business culture


In MARCH FROM Intesa sanpaolo’s skyscraper


·          Intesa Sanpaolo will promote Sharing Italy, an event focusing on the country’s economic and entrepreneurial future

·          It will involve thinkers, researchers, international guests and businesses that stand out for their dynamism and ability to interpret the changes underway

·          Six key words and six ways to envisage the future: explore, experiment, understand, communicate, research and value

·          Ideas to capitalise on the strength and competitive capacity of Italian companies: the Made in Italy brand, the third best known worldwide, was worth 414 billion euro in 2015

·          Most of the companies are aware of the need to target professional training and innovation, but only one in four has made investments in the digital sector (Ipsos data)

·          The Intesa Sanpaolo skyscraper in Turin, like a symbolically “tall” modern marketplace, will host the event in March



Milan, 12 December 2016. In March the Intesa Sanpaolo Group will host Sharing Italy, an event that aims to involve innovative thinkers and outstanding companies to conceive Italy’s economic and entrepreneurial future.


The event was presented today in Milan by the Head of the Banca dei Territori Division of Intesa Sanpaolo Stefano Barrese and the Head of External Relations Head Office Department Vittorio Meloni, alongside Marilisa Allegrini, a winemaker and the only female candidate to the Oscar del vino, Franco Bolelli, philosopher and writer, whose survey concerns human evolution and growth dynamics, and Davide Dattoli, CEO and co-founder of Talent Garden, the largest European co-working network specialising in the digital sector. The meeting ended with a contemporary musical performance starring the “violin that uses a spider web”, presented by its inventor Luca Alessandrini, design engineering, and played by Davide Laura.


Sharing Italy will be a two-day event featuring meetings, speeches, lectures, debates and work tables, with the participation of thinkers, researchers, international guests and companies that stand out for their dynamism and ability to interpret the changes underway. For further information: www.palco.it/sharingitaly.


The guests already confirmed for the event in March include: Sofia Borri, General Manager of Piano C, a co-working space for women on maternity leave; Gianluca Dettori, President and Founder of Dpixel, a venture capital firm that invests in digital, software and e-commerce solutions; Ugo Parodi Giusino, Founder of Mosaicoon, start-up business created in Palermo, today one of the best technological scaleups in Europe; Austin Kleon, best-selling author for the New York Times, speaker for Pixar, Google and Tedx; Horacio Pagani, Founder of Pagani Automobili; Clara Tosi Pamphili, inventor of A.I. Artisanal Intelligence, which searches for and promotes new handcrafted and artistic expressions in cooperation with the historical entities of top Italian manufacturing; Flavia Trupia, communication consultant, ghostwriter, lecturer, president of PerLaRe-Associazione Per La Retorica; Fabio Zaffagnini and Claudia Spadoni, inventors of the Rock'n 1000 format, winners of the Tribeca disruptive innovation award (Tribeca Film Festival).


The event will involve more than 150 companies from every region, which are able to inspire other companies and new business initiatives. They significantly represent the Made in Italy brand, the third best known in the world. 


The venue for the initiative will be the Intesa Sanpaolo skyscraper in Turin, a symbolically “tall” modern marketplace, with inspirational views in every direction. The Bank’s headquarters, designed by the architect Renzo Piano, are in a building open to public use, unique in Europe for its Leed Platinum environmental sustainability certificate and the presence of a 150 meter high organic greenhouse that returns oxygen to the city. The 31st floor of the tower hosts the Innovation Center, a reference point for start-ups, innovative projects and young talents, featuring a host of training, exchange and financing opportunities.


What unites very different people who have known how to excel or create excellence without losing spirit even in difficult situations? How did they do it? What are their ideas for the future? Thesix key words of the event will try to answer these questions: explore, experiment, understand, communicate, research and value. They are a source of subjects to examine the current trends and the possible business developments. The six key words are also six possible, if not indispensable,  ways to do business and compete in a fast changing global context.


Some figures help us understand the strength and competitive capacity within the country’s economy, which must be capitalised on and find new stimuli. In 2015 the Made in Italy brand was worth 414 billion euro and Italian companies contributed 11.1% to European exports, with manufacturing products alone accounting for 397 billion euro.


According to an Ipsos survey, still unpublished, most of the companies interviewed feel the change and are aware that in order to improve they must invest in professional training and innovation. However, most of them have a very superficial knowledge of industry 4.0 and do not benefit from it, only one in four has invested in the digital sector and only one in five has significantly changed its way of working.


Dynamism and ability to compete were also seen at Expo Milano 2015 among the more than 500 excellent companies hosted by Intesa Sanpaolo at its Waterstone pavilion, in turn involving over 3,000 companies.


 In the first nine months of the year, in Italy the Intesa Sanpaolo Group disbursed a total of 34 billion in new loans. In addition, through the Chain of Production Programme, 330 contracts were concluded with leading companies, and more than 15,000 suppliers were involved, for a turnover exceeding 55 billion euro – notes Stefano Barrese, Head of the Banca dei Territori Division of the Group. Lastly we renewed the agreement with Confindustria and Piccola Industria Confindustria by allocating a ceiling limit of 90 billion euro.

The future is moving quickly. Our commitment is already taking shape according to the new directions of growth: the digitalisation process, the transition to industry 4.0, a greater involvement of women in key roles, training young people to open the doors to new professions, more favourable conditions for entrepreneurial initiatives to take off, receptive environments for talent, also abroad, new ideas for the welfare of people”.


The idea to promote Sharing Italy – says Vittorio Meloni, Head of External Relations Head Office Department at Intesa Sanpaolo – came from the recognition that the competitive potential of Italian companies remains high despite the difficult crisis which is behind us. Many companies have known how to strengthen and genial startups also joined the scene. Starting from these examples, we want to examine the great changes that are marking the sharp acceleration of the economic dynamics and seize the opportunities available. We would like to meet with people and companies that can really help us imagine what will happen in the coming years: a host of viewpoints for a complete vision, tall and visionary, on the future of business”.



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