·        Barrese: “Our Bank leads the way when it comes to the confidence and growth of the country. In the first seven months of 2017 we granted loans for over 11 billion euro to Italian families, over 8 billion of which in the form of mortgages”.


Milan, 22 September 2017 – Renewed momentum and confidence in growth with the expectation that our financial situation will improve in the coming months because ‘the worst has passed’: this is the trend suggested by the IPSOS research data presented today at Intesa Sanpaolo, which reflects the real improvement in all confidence indicators following the crisis and marks a new starting point for the Italian economy.


This highly welcome data, in addition to the traditional propensity of Italian families to save and the recent upturn in private and corporate investment, is positively impacting the financial decisions of Italians and is confirmation that they are looking to the future with greater confidence. These are signals indicating that we have emerged from the crisis and that we are once again using our savings and bank loans for specific or long-term projects rather than to protect ourselves from emergency situations. In fact, property market figures are up and mortgage transfers are down in comparison to new mortgages.


This is the background context to the new market position adopted by Intesa Sanpaolo, which today presented its new SharingDreams campaign with the goal of revisiting traditional advertising logic and reinterpreting content shared online to create new stories and new messages. A working method which involved observing, studying and monitoring contemporary forms of expression that differ from the classic production and creative processes.


As the name suggests, sharing dreams, in the sense of emotions that stimulate us to take action or desires we manage to fulfil, is the theme of the campaign that will be launched on the digital media, television and cinema for two weeks from Sunday 24 September with a format that involves all the Group’s branches.

The new communications campaign focuses on mortgages and current accounts, two universal products aimed at everyone, adding in the idea of dreams, which motivate and inspire confidence and optimism in the future if you are supported by not only the most solid banking group in Italy, but also the one that does most to support the country’s real economy.


As such, dreams, the theme of the two adverts dedicated to loans for young people and XME CONTO, are a metaphor for the desires, projects and aspirations that shape the life decisions of individuals. And the Bank is the place and means by which to make these dreams come true. The dream of owning your own home, the ultimate goal for most Italians, is possible thanks to a range of mortgage loans for young people who can secure lower mortgage payments, at least for the first few years, postponing capital share payments for up to 10 years and accessing loans of up to 100%; the dream of having your own current account becomes true thanks to the possibility of adjusting and personalising it with free withdrawals all over the world for under 30s.


The Intesa Sanpaolo Group, which has consistently encouraged and supported the decisions of savers and Italian businesses even at the most difficult moments of the recession with specific instruments to support the financial needs of families and individuals and the adoption of mortgage suspension and transfer solutions before the rest of the banking industry, continues to listen to the needs of its customers in order to make their dreams come true as part of a shared process. This goal is the main inspiration behind Intesa Sanpaolo’s most important commercial activities, but also its communication and public engagement activities (Expo2015 and SharingItaly being two highly successful recent initiatives).

In fact, all Intesa Sanpaolo projects are inspired by the idea of sharing and participating, in order to support people and their projects at the most important stages of life.


“There is plenty of evidence to suggest that the economy is moving in the right direction”, comments Stefano Barrese, Head of the Banca dei Territori Division of Intesa Sanpaolo. “The most difficult phase of the crisis appears to be behind us, a phase in which Intesa Sanpaolo continued to provide credit and support families and businesses with initiatives such as repayment suspensions for small businesses and extraordinary actions to restore the loans of over 60,000 businesses to performing status, safeguarding 600,000 jobs. We are now witnessing a significant upturn in consumption and investment and Intesa Sanpaolo is once again ready to perform its role as the bank for the real economy with a credit issuing programme in Italy that amounts to 50 billion euro in 2017, 11 billion of which was provided to households in the first seven months of the year, with over 8 billion of this on their mortgages alone. In three years we have almost doubled our market share in terms of mortgage disbursements and this is because we didn’t restrict access to credit even at the most difficult moments”.


“We communicate our way of banking and we do business in original and distinctive ways for a banking institution”, remarks Vittorio Meloni, Head of the Intesa Sanpaolo External Relations Department. “The socio-economic changes of recent years have changed the relationship with bank customers and we decided, some time ago, to encourage confidence through new forms of communication, engagement and sharing. A winning strategy for accompanying Italy out of the recession also through reassuring and engaging messages, combining the logic of profitability with the goal of doing good and taking account of people’s needs”.

“The format of the SharingDreams campaign includes new languages and the forms of expression of an increasingly connected and engaged world, where dreams are the emotional driver of a phase of collective and individual development and growth”.


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