• Accounts and banking services also available digitally to meet the new demands of under 18s and their families
• Interests on savings until the young person’s 18th birthday, and the ability to control how much is spent and saved from a smartphone
• Tour with Panini organised to major Italian cities to launch the new schemes

Turin, 10 January 2018 - Intesa Sanpaolo sets its sights on the world of young people, expanding its services in order to meet the most current demands of those under the age of 18, from learning about savings to the desire to develop interests and passions.  The new solutions put forward by the Bank boast simplicity, are available online and on smartphone, and are strongly connected to the areas of free time and group activity.

The Panini Group is the partner chosen by the Bank for the launch of the initiative, with the goal of creating a direct interaction with young people by sharing their passions and assisting them in their path of growth.

When signing up to the XME Conto Up – the new 0 fee current account for young people 18 years and younger – account holders will receive a Footballers 2017/2018 sticker album and 500 stickers as freebies, and will have the chance to win an Adidas football.

In the new few months, a tour will bring the Intesa Sanpaolo and Panini collaboration to Italy’s major cities, with events held in Bank branches involving an activity that kids have always loved: sticker swapping.

As well as the current account, Intesa Sanpaolo’s services for under 18s include a complete range of solutions that are also available digitally. One of these is the XME Salvadanaio, that allows users to set saving goals and to set aside small sums of money, that the Bank pays for until the account holder’s 18th birthday. At the heart of the initiative is the desire to encourage and spread a savings culture among younger generations. Parents also can use the parent control feature to keep an eye on the account’s activities.

Intesa Sanpaolo is therefore increasing the range of initiatives designed for young people, that aim to assist them in academic, professional and personal growth, such as work-related learning, unsecured loans for gifted students and microcredit solutions for launching business activities.

In recent years, the Bank has been the main sponsor of the X Factor, and has supported major events in the world of music, comic books, video gaming and fantasy, offering customers the chance to win free tickets to attend events which correspond closest to their passions and interests.

“Our goal - explains Andrea Lecce, Head of Marketing at Intesa Sanpaolo - is to establish a relationship of trust with young people and their families. For this to happen, knowing their interests and identifying their genuine demands is essential. The number of customers under 35 is currently about 2 million- and is growing. In recent years we have radically changed our way of banking, and a focus on young people has guided and inspired us in this transformation.  We now want to start providing support even earlier, when our customers are children, and help to gradually introduce them to the world of savings. Thanks to our partnership with the Panini Group, we have done this by dedicating a large part of the initiative to games and entertainment”.













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