Intesa Sanpaolo receives the Copernico SmartPlaces Award with "Hive - Il futuro al lavoro"

• An award for its innovation in reorganising and redesigning work environments and processes

• A smart working project developed through the involvement of the area recipients with the Real Estate and Logistics, Health and Safety, IT and Personnel functions

• Evolution of the "pact" between the company and the people with the use of three "levers": physical, organisational-technological and motivational

• A year on from its implementation, more welcoming environments with an above-average level of wellbeing and satisfaction

Milan, 28 May 2018 – Intesa Sanpaolo received the Copernico SmartPlaces Award for the innovation adopted in reorganising and redesigning its work places, in a fruitful synergy among all parties involved: recipients, Real Estate, IT and Human Resources.

Born out of the collaboration between Copernico (co-working international network) and P4I-Partners4Innovation (advisory and coaching company) the award selects the best interventions at the national level, with the aim of sharing cases of excellence with a wide audience and disseminating a new corporate architecture culture.

Intesa Sanpaolo was awarded for the implementation of ‘Hive – Il futuro al lavoro’ (Hive- The future at work), a pilot project that led to the renovation of the fourth floor of the Piazza della Scala complex, which houses the Global Transaction Banking Department headed by Stefano Favale which belongs to the Corporate & Investment Banking Division led by Mauro Micillo.

Hive was born in April 2016 out of the meeting of two needs: hosting a newly established corporate function, in a constraining real estate context from the architectural point of view, and strengthening the internal cohesion of a work group made of people from different backgrounds.
The project was developed by involving right from the start the area recipients who, in a shared process with the Real Estate and Logistics, Health and Safety, IT and Personnel functions, redesigned their daily work experience together and set a new work paradigm, characterised by processes geared towards efficiency, easy to use technology, spaces centred around wellbeing and behaviours that encourage sharing and accountability. 

The involvement process continued with an in-depth analysis of task distribution and environments, a series of co-design workshops and an experimentation phase.  

In June 2017, a little over a year since its inception, the Hive project became a reality, with the adoption of smart working according to the corporate rules in force, in a context geared towards evolving the "pact" between the same company and the people in a win-win perspective. Among the levers used: the physical lever, with the individual desk being overcome, the drastic reduction in paper files and the enhancement of architectural restrictions; the organisational and technological lever, with the use of tools to encourage flexible working and activity based scheduling of mobility and the use of rooms and equipment; the motivational lever, with people's accountability towards shared spaces and their pride in setting a model to be exported within the Bank.

Today, a year on, the fourth floor of the Piazza della Scala complex is a more welcoming environment, with a level of wellbeing and satisfaction that is far above average, despite having fewer workstations than the number of people assigned, thanks to a widespread use of flexible working and the redesigning of some consolidated processes.

Among the most significant architectural interventions: internal partitions were demolished or replaced with windows, making the spaces more open and bright; the walls were repainted alternating white with the Intesa Sanpaolo logo colour palette; pre-assigned personal desks were replaced by common tables without fixed seats, which can be adjusted according to needs; the inclusion of sofas and armchairs encouraged meeting and collaboration; the smaller rooms have become meeting rooms that can be easily booked online or with the company badge; a wall of the open space area has been equipped with an open kitchen, whose care is entrusted to the users themselves; finally, on the outside terrace a roof-garden was created with a view of the spires of the Duomo, suitable for meetings and events.

The advantages are many and for the benefit of all the stakeholders: for those working in Hive, with the increase of internal cohesion and the drive to innovate; for the Real Estate function, with the experimentation of a new model of use of the spaces and greater design creativity; for IT, with the use of new technologies that can be applied in the future to the rest of the company; for HR, with the possibility of bringing together the rest of the Corporate & Investment Banking Division on a wider project, to redesign methods, times and places of co-working.

"With the Hive project we have been able to experience first-hand the potential that comes from combining the extraordinary skillset of our company's technical functions with the enthusiasm and the creative skills of our collaborators. This project has allowed us to introduce and appreciate new ways of working within Intesa Sanpaolo and represents an experience available to the entire Group" - says Roberto Battaglia, Head of the Personnel Department of the Corporate & Investment Banking Division of Intesa Sanpaolo. 



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