Enel and Intesa Sanpaolo join forces for innovation in SMEs in support of Aton

• Aton Storage is a partner with whom Enel, acting through its subsidiary Enel X, has launched a range of batteries integrated with photovoltaic systems for residential customers. Thanks to a partnership with Enel, Aton Storage received a loan from Intesa Sanpaolo to support its initiative and to develop new products
• Intesa Sanpaolo has granted over 8 million euros to SMEs that innovate with Enel

Rome, June 27th, 2018 - As part of the partnership agreement between Enel and Intesa Sanpaolo to support innovation in the energy sector, promote the development of the circular economy and open innovation, Aton Storage, an Italian company active in the development and manufacturing of innovative systems for the storage of electricity from photovoltaic sources, received a loan of 1.5 million euros from Italy’s leading banking group to support Aton Storage’s activities and, in particular, the recent initiative launched alongside Enel. Aton has signed a partnership agreement for the all-Italian offer of batteries integrated with photovoltaic systems for residential customers, at competitive prices. Thanks to this agreement, solar panels are transformed into a usable resource day and night, increasing the self-consumption of solar energy. The system developed by Aton specifically for Enel X is available in four sizes, satisfying every consumption profile.
Aton is one of the companies that benefitted the programme launched by Enel and Intesa Sanpaolo a year ago to support SMEs in Italy and abroad, encouraging the development of projects in the industry. To date, Intesa Sanpaolo has provided over 8 million euros in financing to companies in this ecosystem. In particular, the SMEs and start-ups that collaborate with Enel on innovation projects receive technical and economic support from Enel as well as financial support from the Banca dei Territori Division of Intesa Sanpaolo, which participated in this operation through its Emilia-Romagna, Marche, Abruzzo and Molise regional office, headed by Tito Nocentini. The partnership provides mutual benefits: for Enel it is a tool to compliment the support it offers to the companies with which it collaborates on innovation projects, while for Intesa Sanpaolo it represents a new way of supporting innovation in industries, leveraging on the expertise of its best customers to evaluate projects.
“The ecosystem of innovation and financial instruments created through the partnership between Enel and Intesa Sanpaolo,” said Aton's Chief Executive Officer, Ettore Uguzzoni, “has enabled Aton to accelerate and focus its innovation efforts on concrete results, thanks to an environment in which it is possible to implement industry projects and compete with major international players. This has given Aton, and in general all Italian SMEs, a major opportunity for economic and technological development.”
“Italy has many innovative SMEs, which stand out thanks to the passion and tenacity of brilliant entrepreneurs,” said Ernesto Ciorra, head of Enel's Innovation and Sustainability Division. “Enel is a multinational with its head and heart in Italy, working successfully with these companies to put them in a position to express their full potential. The partnership with Intesa Sanpaolo stems from this approach, with the aim of providing SMEs with an ecosystem of technological, systemic, networking, innovation and financial tools that enable these companies to develop and compete.”
“Our goal,” said Mario Costantini, General Manager of the Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center, “is to foster the transition of companies and society towards sustainable models through open innovation and to be an engine of growth for the new economy in Italy. The project undertaken with Aton represents a step in this direction, and I am very proud to be able to share this initiative together with our partner Enel, with whom we have been involved for some time in the development of the ecosystem in Italy.”

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