Intesa Sanpaolo: one million instant bank transfers in 6 months

• Transactions amounting to over 1 billion euro since the launch of the service
• Intesa Sanpaolo is the first bank in Europe to test the RT1 platform in 2017
• Favale: "The result achieved enables us to take on new and important challenges, thereby improving the quality of the services offered"

Milan, 16 July 2018 – The Intesa Sanpaolo Group meets the target of one million transactions via instant bank transfers. In addition, six months on from the launch of the service, the Bank has recorded an amount of such transactions in excess of one billion euro.

Through the Global Transaction Banking Department of the Corporate and Investment Banking Division, Intesa Sanpaolo was the first Bank in Europe to test the Eba Clearing RT1 platform in April 2017 and among the first three Italian banks to launch the service last November, concurrently with the "Salone dei Pagamenti".

The instant bank transfers, designed by the Intesa Sanpaolo Group in a fully multichannel perspective, may be executed in a few seconds and enable the payee to receive the amount immediately. The transaction may be carried out at any time, seven days a week (including holidays), twenty-four hours a day. For the transfer to be executed, it is sufficient for the originator and the payee to be current account holders at one of the banks adhering to the SCT Inst scheme. No other registration or authorisation is required. With the recent new accessions to the European scheme, Italy continues to be one of the most active countries in Europe, with over half of customers already making use of the new payment instrument.

“To date – commented Stefano Favale, Head of the Global Transaction Banking Department – all 12 million Intesa Sanpaolo Group customers, whether private or business, may use this service. The results achieved are extraordinary and enable us to meet new and important targets: thanks to this strategic infrastructure we are implementing new functions that will allow us to significantly improve the quality of the services offered to our customers".


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