·        90 students involved in the Milan event, from high schools Brera, Caravaggio and Boccioni


Milan, 8 May 2019Helping high school students discover career opportunities in the art world thanks to a programme that combines career guidance and work-based learning: this is the aim of Careers in Art, the Intesa Sanpaolo project set up in partnership with the Next Level association, now in its third year. With the aid of the museums of Intesa Sanpaolo, the Gallerie d’Italia in Milan, Naples and Vicenza, more than 1,000 teenagers from 50 classes and 14 high schools (classical, artistic and linguistic studies) have been involved in the project since 2016, with over 2,100 training hours offered by 50 professionals and 30 teachers alongside the Next Level tutors.

During the project, the students learn to understand the professions dealing with the world of art and crafts and experience first-hand (according to their skills) what it really entails to create a product or offer a service in these sectors. This is accompanied by new technologies training, such as After effects, a key component in a professional training path that reinforces the connection between schools and the world of work.

The theme that students were required to tackle in the 2018-2019 edition was “Inhabitants of the Gallerie d’Italia buildings, past and present”, through works in the Gallerie venues of Palazzo Anguissola Antona Traversi, Palazzo Brentani and Palazzo Beltrami in Milan, Palazzo Leoni Montanari in Vicenza and Palazzo Zevallos-Stigliano in Naples. The students investigated the people who have inhabited the various buildings (noble families, important visitors, grand events, the banks) and those who today are bringing the Galleries back to life (visitors, guides, exhibition staff).

The Milan museum also underwent a process of historical analysis at the Historical Archives, to emphasise the importance of primary sources in a world where information is increasingly fragmentary and polyphonic.

On Wednesday 8 May in the cloister of Gallerie d’Italia between 6pm and 7.30pm, there will be a presentation of works created from January to April 2019 by 90 students of 5 classes of the art high schools Brera, Boccioni and Caravaggio:

“Gioco da tavolo” (Board Game) project by class IVDPG of the art high school Brera: together with Cristian Confalonieri (communication and services designer), owner of Studiolabo and project creator of Fuorisalone.it, the students created four board game prototypes, inspired by permanent collections and the exhibition Romanticism to help visitors become immersed in the works of Gallerie d’Italia. Pieces from the collection are transformed into cards and the Gallerie itinerary becomes an exciting challenge to enjoy and share.

“Fumetto” (Comic Book) project by class IIIFPG of the art high school Brera: together with Fabrizio Accantino (scriptwriter for comic book Dylan Dog, Sergio Bonelli Editore and collaborator at La Stampa newspaper) and Tommaso Bianchi (graphic designer), the students came up with five fresh and creative comic book stories based on true facts or purely invented, and inspired by the Romanticism exhibition items or Archives stories. These include love stories from the front line, or dreamlike narratives that consider the Milan Gallerie d’Italia of past and present from a different perspective.

“Fotografia” (Photography) project by classes IIIG and IIIE of the art high school Caravaggio: together with Diego Alto (Milan photographer specialising in portraits and still-life), the students offered six projects featuring photographic portraits that explored the theme from different aspects. Inspired by the collections of the Intesa Sanpaolo Historical Archives and the exhibition Romanticism, the students examined the works and people bringing the Milan Gallerie d’Italia to life.

“Book” project by class VD of the high school Boccioni: together with Ornella Marcolongo (Nexo Editore), the students created four photographic books, using architectural photos they took themselves as they explore the Milan Gallerie d’Italia via images that compare past and present, with much emotion and a fascinating narrative.




Careers in Art was born in 2016 arising from the desire of Intesa Sanpaolo to invest in young people and their future careers by helping them to know an economic sector, that of made-in-Italy excellence with creative industries and Italian culture. The idea is to introduce young people to the worlds of art and work, thanks to the artistic heritage of the Gallerie d’Italia, know-how and a professional network that collaborates with the Intesa Sanpaolo Progetto Cultura initiative. The partnership with Next Level, which creates innovative career orientation projects, allowed the transformation of this idea into a project which is feasible for secondary schools to implement, thanks to a firm workshop training base in accordance with the new law on work-related learning in school curricula.

Careers in Art moves beyond traditional career-orientation projects which focus on information rather than experimentation, while supporting high schools in their implementation of “work-related learning” initiatives. Thanks to Careers in Art, in fact, students can explore the reality of sectors which promote cultural heritage, new medias applied to art, and artistic craftsmanship, discovering less well-known yet vitally important professions during practical workshops at the Gallerie d’Italia museums – art exhibition curators, art photographers, video editors, haute couture tailors, etc. During the Careers in Art workshops, experts talk about their careers and show students what they effectively do, teaching them about the key skills and know-how necessary for the job.

During the project, students are called on to plan and complete an educational project, inspired by the Gallerie d’Italia. This could be the creation of an artistic work for the bookshop, or a video or catalogue, which reveals the museum buildings and their works, reinterpreting them from a millennial viewpoint.




The Intesa Sanpaolo Progetto Cultura is a three-year series of initiatives through which the Bank expresses its commitment to the promotion of art and culture in Italy. The Gallerie d'Italia (the three museum complexes of Intesa Sanpaolo based in Milan, Naples and Vicenza), house a selection from over 30,000 works belonging to the artistic heritage of the Group, from archaeological artefacts to contemporary art. Milan focuses on the Italian nineteenth and twentieth century collections; Naples hosts the Martyrdom of St Ursula, the masterpiece by Caravaggio, along with works from artists in the south of Italy between the seventeenth and early twentieth centuries; Vicenza holds the Attican and Magna Grecian ceramics, Venetian paintings from the eighteenth century and Russian icons. Alongside the permanent exhibitions, the Gallerie d'Italia organise temporary exhibitions thanks to original academic projects, and loans and exchanges with major museums on the national and international scene. One location for the temporary Progetto Cultura exhibitions is the 36th floor of the Intesa Sanpaolo skyscraper in Turin. Since 1989, the Restituzioni programme has supported the restoration of artworks of Italian heritage that have been identified in collaboration with conservation bodies of the State. Apart from promoting its own and public artworks, the Bank also heavily supports leading museums, institutions and cultural initiatives across Italy - from theatre to music, from exhibitions to festivals, with a particular focus on books and literature.  The Historical Archives (which own the valuable photographic collection of the Publifoto Archives) preserve and promote historical documents of importance not only for the Group but the entire country. In the publishing and music sectors, the Progetto Cultura initiative develops series dedicated to the artistic patrimony and historic buildings of the Bank, art collections for young people, and publications of historic value (economic and documental, artistic and musical).The Officine delle Idee project also aims to provide young people, graduates and post-graduates, with first-rate learning opportunities within the art world. Progetto Cultura is set up by the Art, Culture and Historical Heritage Head Office Department of Intesa Sanpaolo, headed by Michele Coppola.




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