The University of Naples Federico II and Intesa Sanpaolo

sign a partnership agreement to promote training and access to the job market



Naples, 3 July 2019 – Today the University of Naples Federico II and Intesa Sanpaolo presented, in front of an audience including the University’s Rector, Gaetano Manfredi, and the Chairman of the Bank, Gian Maria Gros-Pietro, a major partnership agreement with a view to develop a number of joint initiatives. These include specialist courses designed to allow young people selected by Intesa Sanpaolo to enrol on the Italian Register of Financial Consultants, work placements for the university’s students organised at the Bank, and study grants.


Following the framework agreement, three implementation protocols were also signed.

The first, with the Department of Economics and Statistics, regards specialist training being provided by the University to prepare young candidates selected by Intesa Sanpaolo for the financial consultant exam. This involves ten five-day training sessions in the classroom, focused on teaching the participants about the technical processes of banking, financial and insurance companies. The first training session will begin on 2 September.

One of the most innovative selection methods adopted by Intesa Sanpaolo for financial consultants is Make it real, a contest held by the Bank to select recent graduates for a work placement intended to lead to future employment. 22% of the successful candidates nationwide come from the University of Naples Federico II, confirming its position as the top university in Italy for supplying candidates, participants and winners. Naples is the city where the greatest number of 'Make it real' initiatives have been held for financial consultants, boasting 5 out of a total of 12 across Italy.


The second method involves paid six-monthly internships for students from this university, in the fields of IT, cybersecurity and M&A, that can constitute part of their university course (with the rewarding of credits) or can be separate from their studies. Students will work at various Intesa Sanpaolo offices, involved in research projects on topics linked to their courses.


The third method entails setting up study maintenance grants for deserving university students in courses of economics and finance, awarded by the Department of Economics and Statistics and aimed at encouraging participation in international programmes.


Furthermore, the university campus of San Giovanni a Teduccio (Naples), the Banca Impresa Hub created by Intesa Sanpaolo with the University of Naples Federico II in 2017, remains a point of contact between the bank, businesses and the university. The hub is able to offer practical as well as financial support to startups and SMEs with technology transfer projects and skills pooling between entrepreneurs, managers, researchers and students. The Hub will host themed workshops to allow startups and established companies to come into contact more easily.


In addition to this, an agreement relating to per Merito, the Intesa Sanpaolo initiative for university students, is soon to be signed. The initiative offers loans without the need for guarantors, and with extended repayment schemes, designed to aid with study expenses, travel costs, accommodation and study abroad opportunities.



The University Rector, Gaetano Manfredi, explained: “The long-standing relationship between Federico II and Intesa Sanpaolo has been further consolidated recently with a series of initiatives designed to offer opportunities to young people and help the development of local regions. Many of our graduates will be able to benefit from further top-class training and step onto the career ladder. In this way, the partnership between our university and Italy’s leading companies is geared towards the real growth of southern Italy based on skill and innovation.”



The Chairman of Intesa Sanpaolo, Gian Maria Gros-Pietro, said: “As a leading banking institution in our country, we feel particularly involved in supporting top-level university education and entry into the world of employment for the next generations. With our 2018-2021 Business Plan, we have set ourselves the goal of being a driving force for inclusive and sustainable growth, a goal which is even more important in the south of Italy. This agreement with one of the oldest and most prestigious Italian universities reiterates the importance of relationships between financial institutions such as our Bank and the academic world of universities, unparalleled centres of learning. Today we further strengthen our commitment to the younger generations and their education. For us, the partnership with University of Naples Federico II means a contribution to the economic development of southern Italy in the vital form of human resources, specifically within such a promising and dynamic section of society as university students.”





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