• Intesa Sanpaolo launches the first open banking commercial initiative in collaboration with Amazon
• The savings held in Intesa Sanpaolo’s digital Salvadanaio (Money Box) can be converted into an Amazon.it gift card with an additional 3% for customers

Turin, 15 July 2019Intesa Sanpaolo has launched the first open banking commercial initiative with Amazon, giving its customers the chance to turn their savings held in Intesa Sanpaolo’s digital Salvadanaio (Money Box) into an Amazon gift card with an additional 3% for customers. The scheme seeks to promote an integration of digital services, the advantages of which entirely benefit customers.
“Much like Amazon, we have an obsessive fixation on the customer, and this scheme is a major step in expanding mobile services,” stressed Andrea Lecce, Head of the Individual and Retail Business Sales & Marketing Department of Intesa Sanpaolo. “We have implemented innovation that is strategic for both traditional customers, offering them new reasons to save and increase their loyalty, and new customers of all ages as well. For Intesa Sanpaolo, along with trust, stability, security and customer care, it is essential to offer customers first-rate levels of service and benefits. In this respect, we consider Amazon to be an ideal partner, and we have decided to reward our customers with all the benefits resulting from our partnership as well”.

Thanks to this initiative, through the app or Internet Banking, Intesa Sanpaolo customers can convert their savings kept in the digital Salvadanaio, that is linked to Intesa Sanpaolo’s XME Conto, into an Amazon.it gift card that can be redeemed straight away. On top of the savings accumulated, an additional 3% will be added to the customer’s gift card. To give a concrete example, 300 euro saved in the digital Salvadanaio can be turned into a 309-euro Amazon.it gift card, with an extra 9 euro for the customer.

Intesa Sanpaolo’s digital Salvadanaio allows small sums of money to be put aside thanks to its automatic savings settings, such as rounding up purchases made by card, or setting aside an amount equalling a regular forgone expense or a reward for good behaviour.


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