- Joint initiative of the Museum of Saving, EIB Institute and Scania, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR) and with the support of Intesa Sanpaolo
- An interactive laboratory on Scania's Discovery Truck around Italy: 2,000 km in six regions to educate young people on the conscious use of financial and environmental resources

Turin, 28 October 2019 - Twenty-one stops from the north to the islands, in six different regions, almost two thousand kilometres of travel with the aim of educating students and citizens on the conscious use of economic and environmental resources and reducing waste. The second edition of the SAVE Tour, organised by the Museum of Saving, the EIB Institute and Scania in collaboration with Intesa Sanpaolo, is kicking off today from Turin, the city where the Museum of Saving is hosted, and will take place aboard a latest-generation Scania vehicle (the Discovery Truck), set up as a real interactive and travelling laboratory.

Every day, sustainability and its implications on the social and economic system are increasingly gaining the attention of young and very young people, eager to live in a future characterised by social and environmental well-being. For this reason, after the success of the first edition which saw the involvement of over 10,000 students in eight regions last year, this year the S.A.V.E. project (Sustainability, Action, Travel, Experience) will see an even greater participation of primary and lower secondary schools also thanks to a memorandum of understanding signed with the MIUR, the Ministry of Education, University and Research.

The Discovery Truck will be a real “Museum on wheels”: a vehicle made available by Scania, the Swedish company manufacturing industrial vehicles, where young guests will be guided by tutors in three themed visits and interactive games designed for a first approach to financial issues, sustainability and the circular economy, with the aim of encouraging the acquisition of virtuous behaviour by the citizens of today and tomorrow.
Curated by the Museum of Saving and the result of a mutual exchange with the EIB Institute (European Investment Bank Group) and Scania itself, the visits and workshops will tackle the issue of resource scarcity, be they natural or financial, and will lead to reflect on the importance of engaging in the fight against waste.
Since the road to a sustainable future is to be travelled together, students will not be the only ones involved: in the afternoon the Discovery Truck will open its workshops and games also to citizens of all ages.
A special gift will be given to the classes that will take part in the project and to the citizens who will win the title of "Recycling Champion", proving their knowledge of the rules of recycling: a cocoa tree. The shrub will enrich the already existing "SAVE Forest", a plantation in Cameroon that shows how awareness and planning can have a positive influence on the environment, on the future and on the well-being of society as a whole. The 250 cocoa trees will not only offset the emissions of 13,750 kg of CO2 but they will also provide a source of income for farmers who will be able to trade fruits and products derived from their processing on the local market.
Those who plant and receive a tree will be able to follow the story of the farmer who takes care of it, will know exactly where their tree was planted, will be able to customise it by giving it a name and adding a message to it, quantify the CO2 trapped and through some photos will be able to monitor its growth, but also consult the local weather forecasts in real time, learn about the owners of nearby trees and access the tree diary to stay up to date on what is happening in the forest.
A choice in line with the messages promoted by the project and which once again bears witness to the genuine commitment of the promoter partners against climate change.

The Discovery Truck will stop three days in each city covered by the tour (list in the attached sheet) and the final event will be held in Naples, in April 2020.

"In its second journey, the S.A.V.E. truck will start from Genoa, stop in Sardinia, land in Sicily and travel up the peninsula through Calabria to end its journey in Naples”, underlines Gian Maria Gros-Pietro, Chairman of Intesa Sanpaolo. “We are increasingly convinced that our commitment to sustainability and in the social sphere must be expressed through initiatives capable of reaching out to a wide and heterogeneous audience. S.A.V.E. is aimed at students of all levels, but is also open to the citizens and the communities that will welcome it. If we remove the dots, SAVE means saving. The careful management of resources should in fact be the basis of our daily actions. This is why it is important to acquire such a habit from a young age, and it often happens that it is the youngsters who make their parents and families aware. We hope that the project will be supported by the energy of all the institutions and the people who will share its principles, because only in this way will be we able to call it a success".
"We are very proud to be once again among the promoters of this travelling educational and awareness-raising project," stressed Franco Fenoglio, Chairman and CEO of Italscania. “The transport sector has great responsibilities towards future generations, so we are ready to do our part in driving change towards a sustainable future through concrete actions. The new generations have a decisive role in this transition, it is therefore extremely important to disseminate a culture based on respect for the climate and the environment to ensure a cultural change by everyone".
"I am particularly pleased that the EIB Group's commitment to this initiative continues, because education and awareness of financial and environmental issues are an essential process for progress," commented Dario Scannapieco, EIB Vice-President.
"This is an initiative that combines finance, the mobility industry, the environment and education, aimed at promoting positive behaviours regarding savings and the circular economy, one of the key areas of the EIB in the area of climate change," added Miguel Morgado, EIB Director for Italy, Malta and the Balkans, present today at the SAVE tour kick-off ceremony.


The Museum of Saving is a truly unique edutainment initiative. Founded in 2012 in Turin, the Museum was created to spread awareness of financial literacy with audiovisual and interactive materials such as video clips, interviews, drama performances and videogames that can sate visitors’ curiosity and satisfy their need for further understanding. The Museum provides an experience based on blending economics with literature, cinema and theatre to pique the curiosity of a broad section of the public including adults, teenagers and children, whilst also encouraging learning.
More than 12,000 visitors visit the Museum each year, choosing from the wide range of guided tours, educational workshops or events to raise awareness about financial education. Furthermore, there are numerous activities organised outside the museum, in Italy and abroad, including conventions, conferences, book presentations and temporary exhibitions, which involved over 10,000 people in 2018. The Museum is a project that has been completely funded by Intesa Sanpaolo.

The EIB Institute is part of the EIB Group, the European Investment Bank and the European Investment Fund. Consistent with the EIB’s work, the institute helps to achieve the goals set by the European Union with support in the form of study grants and sponsorships, and investment projects in the education and research sector, particularly in the field of applied economics. The projects chosen contribute to European integration, balanced development and the Union’s economic and social cohesion, thanks to an innovative knowledge-based economy.
The EIB Institute is strongly committed to cutting down the negative impact on the environment, and promotes and encourages businesses to take positive social, ethical and environmental action.

Part of the multinational company Scania, a world leader in supplying transport solutions, Scania Italia offers pioneering solutions aimed at sustainable transportation, with the goal of cutting consumption and emissions as much as possible, as well as combatting air pollution. Recognising its social responsibility, Scania Italia carries out operations by following a number of fundamental values, including integrity, sustainability and eliminating waste. By offering tailored solutions that allow operators to increase efficiency and performance, concurrently cutting down their environmental impact, Scania plays a key role in the ecosystem by achieving a leading position in the sustainable transport sector within it, whilst paving the way to a much more sustainable world in the future.