• The ELITE 2019 Greater Bay Area Roadshow for 10 companies focused on expansion in the Far East and fundraising in the Greater Bay Area
• The project is being promoted by ELITE in partnership with Intesa Sanpaolo and Nuo Capital with the support of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong and the Consulates General of Hong Kong and Canton.

Hong Kong, 14 November 2019 - The Intesa Sanpaolo Group and ELITE strengthen their partnership by organising the 2019 Greater Bay Area Roadshow. The initiative is part of a broader effort promoted and coordinated by ELITE to support the companies within their ecosystem of excellence in their internationalisation efforts and which, together with a focus on the Far East, will also include activities in the United States starting in 2020 where ELITE has just announced the opening of a new office to expand its business. A mission focused on internationalisation and innovation is currently underway - from 12 to 15 November - in the most dynamic area of China between Hong Kong and Shenzhen. This mission is for a select group of outstanding companies belonging to ELITE, the London Stock Exchange Group's platform whose aim is to accelerate company growth through innovative development, managerial growth and the opening up of capital.

The initiative was promoted by ELITE in partnership with the Hong Kong Hub branch of the Corporate & Investment Banking Division of Intesa Sanpaolo, by Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center and Nuo Capital - Family Office shareholder of ELITE - in collaboration with the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong and the Consulates General of Italy in Hong Kong and Canton. The delegation, which is composed of ten ELITE companies - six Italian, four British - that operate in different sectors (software, consumer goods, smart cities, biotechnology, etc.), will take part in about 150 meetings between investors (venture capital, family offices and private equity) and commercial counterparties. The Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center has facilitated these meetings with the innovation ecosystem of the Greater Bay Area with the support of its partner The Floor, an Israeli accelerator platform for start-ups that opened its new headquarters in Hong Kong a year ago.

"This important initiative - explains Alessandro Vitale, General Manager, Hong Kong Hub - Corporate & Investment Banking Division of Intesa Sanpaolo - which was developed in collaboration with local public and private partners, allows us to be proactive and above all innovative in our relationship with ELITE's partner companies. In fact, we are able to offer an innovative service that opens new doors to internationalisation for these truly outstanding European companies. The Greater Bay Area, with its business ecosystem and impressive growth prospects supported by a GDP that is expected to double in ten years from the current 1,400 billion dollars, represents a unique opportunity for the most dynamic European companies. Thanks to the Corporate and Investment Banking Division's extensive international network, Intesa Sanpaolo can play a leading role by brokering not only capital, but also know-how, innovation and technology, thus paving the way for a new way of banking in a highly competitive geographical environment". 

“The strategic partnership between ELITE, Intesa Sanpaolo and Nuo Capital - highlighted Luca Peyrano, CEO of ELITE - is further strengthened by an ambitious project such as this first ELITE Greater Bay Area Roadshow in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, which has allowed a select group of companies from our network to meet the financial community and commercial counterparties of the Greater Bay Area. ELITE has always served as a catalyst for company growth with a clear mission to support international expansion, development and innovation to promote Italian excellence. Starting with Italy, ELITE has been able to create a model of excellence focused on the best companies and that is internationally recognised by a global network of over 1,300 companies from 44 different countries that together represent an aggregate turnover of 92 billion euro.”

"We are honoured to have been involved in organising this event with ELITE, the best platform for outstanding companies, and Intesa Sanpaolo, by far the largest Italian bank serving small and medium-sized businesses - said Tommaso Paoli, CEO of Nuo Capital.- We are convinced that in order to benefit from our respective qualities, we need to continue to establish common ground and exchange ideas between the East and the West.”

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ELITE is the London Stock Exchange Group's international platform. Founded by Borsa Italiana in 2012 in collaboration with Confindustria, it aims to accelerate the growth of businesses through an innovative process of organisational and management development to enhance the competitiveness, visibility and attractiveness of worthy enterprises in the eyes of global investors.