• Following the Green Bond in 2017, the Bank returns to the market with an issue devoted to sustainability

  • Demand for the 750 million euro issue reached more than 3.5 billion euro

  • Issue primarily subscribed by international institutional investors and specialized investors


Milan, 27 November 2019 – Intesa Sanpaolo has successfully completed the placement of its first Sustainability Bond for supporting loans granted by the Bank as part of the 5-billion-euro fund for the circular economy, launched last year.

Demand reached over 3.5 billion euro, proof of the strong position held by Intesa Sanpaolo in international markets in this specific sector as well. The Bank completed the transaction by placing 750 million euro of bonds at a fixed rate of 0.75%, with a 5-year maturity.

The issue was primarily subscribed to by institutional investors: Asset Managers (75%), Banks and Private Banking (10%), Public Entities (10%), and Insurers and Retirement Funds (4%). The geographical distribution of uptake is as follows: United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland (23%), Germany and Austria (18%), France (17%), Italy (13%), Benelux (11%), Switzerland (6%), Spain and Portugal (5%) and Nordic Countries – Denmark, Norway and Sweden – (5%).

Banca IMI and Crédit Agricole CIB acted as green structuring advisors and joint bookrunners. ING and Société Générale acted as joint bookrunners for the transaction.


In 2017, Intesa Sanpaolo stood out as the first bank in Italy to issue a 500-million-euro Green Bond (5-year unsecured senior bond reserved for international institutional investors) for loans supporting environmental sustainability, especially renewable energies and energy efficiency. The proceeds were completely allocated in the bond’s first year, with 75 projects funded at June 2019, preventing the emission of over 350,000 tonnes of CO2 over the course of just 12 months.

Today, the Bank makes its return to the market with its first-ever Sustainability Bond, that will support a dedicated circular fund that can be accessed - via standard credit granting procedures – by complying with a number of specific criteria, drawn up by Intesa Sanpaolo’s Innovation Center together with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, which revolve around the circular economy. To date, 60 or so operations have been funded, equalling an overall amount of 600 million euro as part of the fund.


Stefano Del Punta, Chief Financial Officer of Intesa Sanpaolo, commented: “The transaction completed today is an important step in developing the circular economy as set out in our 2018-2021 Business Plan. Intesa Sanpaolo seeks to become a global benchmark in its commitment to sustainability, social and cultural responsibility, and protecting the environment, as well as in its support of social promotion and suitable corporate governance rules, consistent with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). The landmark The significant interest today from international bond markets once again recognises our role that, thanks to an exclusive partnership with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, we intend to strengthen even further.”



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