“NOI INSIEME: Natale 2019” (WE TOGETHER: Christmas 2019) is a nationwide project of sharing and culture taking place over ten stops

Turin/Milan, 28 November 2019 - In December, Intesa Sanpaolo will offer a lunch in an act of solidarity, with music and art to entertain 2000 vulnerable people and families facing hardship, opening the doors of many of its premises across Italy. The Group’s employees, including top management, will take part as volunteers to welcome guests and sit with them at their tables. They will also donate meal vouchers and holiday time payment which will help support Caritas shops and canteens over the next few months, ensuring that the project continues on after December. With this scheme, the Bank symbolically comes face-to-face with a group of beneficiaries of the many philanthropic projects that lead to 3.5 million acts of charity a year to guarantee meals, clothing, medicines and beds for the needy.

The project will take place in ten cities: Turin, Milan, Padua, Vicenza, Genoa, Bologna, Florence, Rome, Naples, and Lecce. The locations that will welcome the guests are some of the canteens regularly used by Intesa Sanpaolo employees, such as the Skyscraper canteen in Turin where kids can have fun with Pepper the humanoid robot from the Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center and guests can access the top floors to see the bio-climatic greenhouse and panoramic view of the city. Other venues include the canteens in Via Lorenteggio in Milan, Via Carlo Magno in Florence, Via del Corso in Rome and Sarmeola of Rubano, Padua.

These are joined by the canteens in two of the three Gallerie d’Italia museums of the Group in Naples and Vicenza, where participants can enjoy guided tours of the Intesa Sanpaolo permanent displays. In Genoa, Bologna and Lecce, where there are no Intesa Sanpaolo venues suited to the initiative, the lunch will be offered in a number of religious institutions.

In all the venues, there will be musical shows by teenagers and kids, including some youths from the Sistema delle Orchestre e Cori Giovanili e Infantili youth orchestra and choir group, promoted by maestros Claudio Abbado and José Antonio Abreu. Each participant will receive a small gift from the artisanal company Melegatti, which is emerging from the earlier crisis, with surprises for the smaller children.

The project ‘NOI INSIEME: Natale 2019’ (We together: Christmas 2019) is organised by the Bank in collaboration with Caritas Italiana, the Diocesan Caritases and associated welfare associations, and will be attended by students from the Salesian Hospitality Schools. The managers of the Intesa Sanpaolo company canteens have volunteered to take part in this initiative, expecting no payment for their service.

The Intesa Sanpaolo project thus involves the participation of many individuals and organisations from different backgrounds and goals, working together towards a common shared goal which will continue in the coming months.

The stops

1 December - TURIN – The Intesa Sanpaolo Skyscraper canteen, Corso Inghilterra 3

7 December - GENOA – Istituto Pavoniano Frassicomo, Via Imperiale 41

8 December - FLORENCE – The Intesa Sanpaolo canteen, Via Carlo Magno 7

9 December - NAPLES – Gallerie d’Italia, Via Toledo 185

14 December - ROME – Intesa Sanpaolo Branch, Via del Corso 226

15 December - MILAN – Intesa Sanpaolo canteen, Via Lorenteggio 266

21 December - BOLOGNA - Istituto Salesiano della Beata Vergine di San Luca, Via Jacopo della Quercia 1

22 December - PADUA – Intesa Sanpaolo canteen, Via Adige 6 – Sarmeola di Rubano (province of Padova)

22 December- LECCE – Istituto Marcelline, Viale Otranto 67

23 December - VICENZA – Gallerie d’Italia, Contrà Santa Corona 25

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