Gian Maria Gros-Pietro: We want to support research to better understand the Coronavirus and how to eradicate it. Our support to scientific research comes after many other important initiatives developed by Intesa Sanpaolo during this difficult moment for our country.

In 2020 14 million euro will be allocated to the Charity Fund


Milan/Turin, 26 March 2020 – In 2020, Intesa Sanpaolo’s Charity Fund, and social and cultural initiatives, coordinated by the Chairman, will be disbursing 14 million euro after approval by the Bank’s Shareholders’ Meeting on 27 April. Of this amount, one million euro, 16%, will be used for medical research on the Covid-19 to combat the Coronavirus emergency. Italian universities and research institutions may present their projects following the standard procedures to obtain resources from the Fund. Projects will be selected through a selection process by a commission of experts according to specific and transparent rules and will be monitored through each and every stage. (Submit projects on: https://group.intesasanpaolo.com/it/sociale/fondo-di-beneficenza/come-richiedere-un-contributo).

Gian Maria Gros-Pietro, Chairman of Intesa Sanpaolo, commented: “In a moment of such difficulty for Italy, we are devoting €1 million to Covid-19 research, an additional measure that accompanies the Group’s donations to the national healthcare system, our financial support to families and businesses, and our fundraising initiatives for worthy projects. The Charity Fund has always been active in supporting scientific research, and today we want to be even more impactful in acquiring the knowledge that allows us to get beyond the emergency quickly and in a lasting way. Nonetheless, dedicating some of our resources to eradicating Coronavirus does not mean interrupting our support for the traditional beneficiaries of the Fund, those in the third sector committed to restoring dignity to people and to guaranteeing the fundamental rights, to whom I would like to ensure continuity in their actions”.

In 2019, the 13.5 million ceiling supported 818 projects carried out by non-profit organisations. 90% of donations were made in Italy covering all Italian regions.  82% per cent, corresponding to more than 10 million euro, was allocated to social projects (up by 10% on 2018), supporting the most vulnerable in society, and the remaining amount was shared equally between scientific research (6%), initiatives proposed by religious organisations (6%) and cultural initiatives (6%).

The Fund’s management endorses projects that encourage social inclusion, projects to combat social hardship and poverty, projects to prevent and treat diseases, support disability and international cooperation projects. In 2019 the Fund also supported initiatives to attain the social goals of the Business Plan, providing a total of 1.9 million euro for initiatives against food poverty with 1.2 million meals a year equal to approximately 34% of the target. The projects supported include numerous international initiatives, above all for Countries where the Group operates, such as Albania, Ukraine, Egypt, Libya, Romania and Moldova.

On a methodological level, a panel of universities manages the monitoring and assessment process of projects that the Bank supports with amounts of 100 thousand euro and over. In the field of Research, Intesa Sanpaolo now collaborates with Fondazione Cariplo, for which third-party evaluators have been hired to ensure that the projects received are examined by experts in the field.

The Charity Fund, and social and cultural initiatives, which is provided for by Intesa Sanpaolo’s Articles of Association, is coordinated by the Bank's Chairman, and permits allocating a part of the profits to charity and to support projects that revolve around solidarity, social utility and value of the individual. In line with the principles of the Group's Code of Ethics, the scope is to share with the community the Bank’s focus on individuals, human rights, economic and social solidarity, sustainable development, environmental protection and the promotion of cultural initiatives in favour of disadvantaged groups. Disbursements are allocated after a selection based on specific criteria, and include local donations (for sums up to 5,000 euro), to support projects and initiatives that have a local impact, as well as central donations (up to a maximum of 500,000 euro), to support larger projects. This activity is part of the Group efforts to attain the Sustainable Development Goals established by the 2030 Agenda of the United Nations.

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