Carlo Messina: “A special thank you goes to our staff nationwide, an example of Italian professional excellence”

Turin/Milan, 18 March 2020 – Intesa Sanpaolo, aware of the huge sense of responsibility being shown in this particularly difficult moment by our Bank employees (particularly those who work in the various branches to ensure ongoing public service, and those who are unable to resort to smart working), is rewarding this strong commitment with a special bonus of six extra days of paid holiday, on top of those already guaranteed by law and the terms of the National Collective Bargaining Agreement. These days will be available to take as of the end of the public health emergency until 30 November 2020, with the possibility of monetizing part of this extra holiday period (indicatively 3 days) if not used, amounting to an overall company contribution to the value of approximately 25 million euro.

Intesa Sanpaolo’s Managing Director and CEO, Carlo Messina, commented: “Here at Intesa Sanpaolo we have never underestimated the scale of this public health emergency. Our top priority is the safety of all our personnel. This is why we acted promptly, on a large scale, to activate all possible measures for smart working. At the same time, we are working to ensure customer service activities with maximum flexibility, guaranteeing remote banking in order to allow our customers to enjoy ongoing service while staying at home”.

We extend a special thank you to all those people working across our branch network, as well as to all of our staff, for the efforts they are making during this public health emergency to ensure the Bank’s continued support of households and businesses. Yet again, Intesa Sanpaolo’s strong and professional staff are proving themselves to be one of the country’s best resources”.


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