The fundraiser of the italian department of civil protection starts today on Intesa Sanpaolo forfunding platform

  • The funds will be used for the same purposes as the donation of 100 million euro made by the Bank
  • The platform used to accept donations is transparent and safe
  • Intesa Sanpaolo deducts no commissions

Milan, 20 March 2020 Intesa Sanpaolo is placing its crowdfunding platform ForFunding at the disposal of the Department of Civil Protection to raise funds from citizens and businesses who wish to offer their help during the difficult health emergency in Italy. The fund raising initiative is part of the Cooperation Protocol that the Group has signed with the Department of Civil Protection at the Prime Minster’s Office and with the Extraordinary Commissioner for the containment and tackling the epidemiological emergency COVID-19, namely the agreement with which the Group made its donation of 100 million euro.

The funds raised will be used, according to the priorities decided by the Extraordinary Commissioner and the Department of Civil Protection, for the same purposes and areas of intervention to which the Bank has pledged its help. The donations will be made available to the Extraordinary Commissioner and Department of Civil Protection and will be in addition to the fund of 100 million donated by the Bank. The funds will be used to permanently strengthen the structures of the national health service and the bodies which are currently managing the emergency, with the priority being additional beds for intensive care units. The funds raised will also be used for the following purposes:

a)         to increase the number of beds in sub-intensive care units;

b)         to implement equipment, tools and medical supplies and materials;

c)         to build new facilities, including temporary ones, for health emergencies;

d)         for other temporary medical and healthcare needs linked to the management of the emergency.

The Extraordinary Commissioner and the Department of Civil Protection will forward regular reports to Intesa Sanpaolo to allow the Bank to monitor how sums are used.

ForFunding is Intesa Sanpaolo crowdfunding platform for non-governmental and non-profit organizations and foundations that wish to start fundraisers involving a large community of active donors. In three years ForFunding has hosted over 170 non-profit projects of 150 third sector organizations and has collected 25 thousand donations.

Intesa Sanpaolo does not take any commission on donations, meaning that every euro donated will be paid in full to the Department of Civil Protection. The fundraiser will last until 31 July 2020, but may be extended if necessary. ForFunding guarantees security and transparency, both of which are key points offered by a large Italian bank. Donations may be made by prepaid card, international debit and credit cards, wire transfers and My bank, while security is guaranteed by Intesa Sanpaolo’s technological infrastructure. The platform offers public reporting both about the funds raised and how they are used.

Donations may be made anonymously or stating the donor’s identity, comments about the project may be included and the project may be promoted on the donor’s network of contacts with a customised call, allowing the donor to become a testimonial of the project. Companies may also contribute with a donation or sponsorship.

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  • Where to donate: www.forfunding.it
  • How much can you donate: no amount is too big or small.
  • Who can donate: any individual or company, Intesa Sanpaolo’s customers and non-customers
  • How to donate: donations may be made by prepaid card, international debit card, credit card, bank transfer or My Bank
  • Cost of the transaction: Intesa Sanpaolo does not apply any cost either to the donor or beneficiary, i.e. the Department of Civil Protection
  • Privacy: No registration is required to make the donation
  • Transparency: Public reporting about the funds raised and how they are used
  • Security: Intesa Sanpaolo’s technological infrastructure
  • Social: Donors may launch a customised appeal to their network of contacts
  • Expiry: 31 July 2020 (extendable if necessary)
  • Launch of the platform: 2017
  • Projects supported: 170
  • Campaign promoters: 150
  • Donations collected: over 25 thousand


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