Carlo Messina: The strength of our Bank and its people to fight and overcome the crisis

Agreements have been signed for the supply of masks, gowns, ventilators, emergency headgear and urgent medical equipment, ICU and sub-ICU beds, conversion of hospital wards, diagnostics       

Milan, 1 April 2020 - Just a few days from the signing of the Cooperation Protocol, Intesa Sanpaolo reports that it has already arranged, in agreement with the Extraordinary Commissioner Domenico Arcuri and Angelo Borrelli acting on behalf of the Department of Civil Protection, a series of actions to counter the Coronavirus emergency for 80 million euro, which represents a large part of the 100 million euro donated by the Group to the national health service.

Intesa Sanpaolo, in light of the epidemic that has hit the people of Italy hard and with great sympathy for all the families who have lost loved ones, would like to emphasise the efficiency and timeliness in identifying the healthcare facilities that will be able to benefit from the receipt of much-needed resources and medical supplies during this emergency.

In particular, 53.5 million euro were allocated to the purchase of medical equipment and other medical supplies requested by the Extraordinary Commissioner in agreement with the Department of Civil Protection: ventilators, headgear, respirators, masks, gloves, protective clothing. In addition, 26.5 million euro were allocated to healthcare facilities identified by the Department of Civil Protection based on need arising from the emergency throughout the country to cover works and purchases already finalised by hospitals, as well as for the allocation of medical and diagnostic equipment. Of the 26.5 million euro, 52% was allocated to the North, 23% to the Centre and 25% to the South.

Carlo Messina, CEO of Intesa Sanpaolo, commented: “Early into this extraordinary emergency, we were the first to provide a significant sum to counter the effects of the pandemic. We decided to donate €100 million to both structurally reinforce the National Healthcare Service and to purchase urgent medical equipment and supplies, made available to the Extraordinary Commissioner for the COVID-19 emergency and to the Civil Protection Commissioner. We are very satisfied with how this close collaboration - a true partnership - has enabled numerous interventions in such as short time, bringing tangible benefits throughout Italy. Just as quickly, we will define new and important measures. Our iniatives - carried out thanks to the strength of Intesa Sanpaolo and the people who are part of it - aim to contribute to the care of the sick as well as to be a sign of appreciation for the exceptional work of those on the front lines: the doctors, nurses and staff who provide essential services, to whom we are so grateful. As a Bank we are making a significant contribution in tackling this pandemic; I have also decided to participate personally with my own donation of €1 million to support specific health initiatives, and I am proud that 21 managers who report directly to me will also make donations totaling around €5 million".

The facilities benefiting from the 26.5 million euro portion of Intesa Sanpaolo’s contribution will be: Ospedale San Raffaele (Milan), Humanitas centres located in Rozzano (Milan), Bergamo and Castellanza, Grande Ospedale Metropolitano Niguarda (Milan), ULSS (Local care and social services facility) 9 Scaligera (Verona), Istituto di Candiolo IRCCS (Turin), Campus Bio-Medico of the University of Rome and Azienda Ospedaliera Dei Colli (Naples). In addition to these specific initiatives, for the 53.5 million euro portion, other beneficiary entities will be added as they are identified by the Department of Civil Protection and the Extraordinary Commissioner based on needs related to the medical emergency.

A fundraising campaign is currently underway on Intesa Sanpaolo’s digital platform www.forfunding.it to raise funds from citizens and businesses, which has already raised 1.5 million euro. The funds raised will be used for the same purposes and areas of intervention to which the Bank has pledged its help in agreement with the Extraordinary Commissioner and the Department of Civil Protection. Donations may be made on the following address: https://www.forfunding.intesasanpaolo.com/DonationPlatform-ISP/nav/progetto/emergenza-coronavirus-vicino-a-chi-ha-piu-bisogno


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Details of the initiatives are described below:

Beneficiary: Ospedale San Raffaele - Milan

·       Construction of a second intensive care unit with 10 beds and a field operating room

Beneficiary: Humanitas

·       Humanitas, Rozzano (Milan), Bergamo and Castellanza locations

-         25 lung ventilators of which 15 to be allocated to the centre in Rozzano (Milan), 5 for Humanitas Gavazzeni in Bergamo and 5 for Humanitas Mater Domini in Castellanza (Varese)

-         80 assisted ventilation systems, including both high-flow flow meters and CPAP helmets, of which 50 for the centre in Rozzano (Milan), 20 for Humanitas Gavazzeni in Bergamo and 10 for Humanitas Mater Domini in Castellanza (Varese)

-         350 single patient CPAP helmets of various sizes

Humanitas in Rozzano (Varese)

·       Construction of a prefabricated Covid-19 Emergency Centre to be built near the Institute’s emergency room, which includes an emergency room, diagnostics, intensive care unit and dedicated in-patient wards covering a total area of about 2,000 square metres

Beneficiary: Grande Ospedale Metropolitano Niguarda – Milan

·       26 new intensive care beds

Beneficiary: ULSS (Local care and social services facility) 9 Scaligera - Verona

·       Supply of surgical masks, FP2, FP3 and water-repellent gowns so that doctors and nurses can perform their duties safely

Beneficiary: Istituto di Candiolo IRCCS - Turin

·       Covid-19 diagnostic and screening laboratory for public entities

Beneficiary: Campus Bio-Medico of the University of Rome

·       Conversion of 2,100 square metres of the DEA - Emergency and Admissions Department into a Covid Centre Campus that will include 40 beds (9 intensive care and 31 ordinary)

Beneficiary: Azienda Ospedaliera Dei Colli (Naples)

·       AORN Ospedali dei Colli – Hospital in Cotugno:

-                    new “G-Block” facility being opened gradually - doubling of the ICU capacity with the addition of 8 new beds (Covid-19)

-                    renovation of the facility and increase in the available equipment to provide for an additional 64 beds, 36 of which are for sub-intensive care

-                    upgrading and renovation of a ward to be used for the treatment of Covid-19 patients in dialysis with 10 ‘negative pressure’ beds

·       AORN Ospedali dei Colli – Hospital in Monaldi:

-         upgrading and renovation of the UTSIR (Comprehensive Respiratory Sub-Intensive Care Operating Unit) for the addition of a further 8 intensive care beds and 12 sub-intensive care beds

-         conversion of areas for the construction of a Hemodynamic room with 4 cardiac intensive care beds for Covid-19 patients

-         activation of the new CT scan in the Intensive Care Unit dedicated to Covid-19 patients.