• Initiative within the Intesa Sanpaolo project “Golden Links: i legami sono oro” for the distribution of items of clothing to people in difficulty
  • Garments delivered during these days in the hospitals of Bergamo, Brescia, Cremona and Padua


Milan, 16 April 2020 – Eleven thousand undergarments have been delivered by Intesa Sanpaolo in collaboration with the Calzedonia Group to some hospitals in Lombardy and Veneto to be distributed urgently and free of charge to hospitalised Covid-19 patients who are not receiving the necessary change of clothes from their families quarantined at home. Some of the garments were purchased by Intesa Sanpaolo, some were donated by the Calzedonia Group. The hospitals involved are: Papa Giovanni XXIII in Bergamo, Spedali Civili in Brescia, Hospitals of Cremona, Oglio Po and Nuovo Robbiani in Soresina in the province of Cremona, and Azienda Ospedale - Università di Padova.

At this time of medical emergency, Intesa Sanpaolo has thus decided to gear its “Golden Links: i legami sono oro” project towards Coronavirus patients. The project was launched two years ago to counter the need for undergarments by poverty-stricken people and families through the involvement of non-profit organisations and the Bank’s customer companies. The project was developed in collaboration with Caritas Italiana and S-Nodi to respond to an often overlooked need that profoundly affects human dignity. In two years, it has allowed 114 thousand garments to be distributed and will continue in 2020/21 to meet the growing needs of an ever wider section of the population in need. The initiative is part of Intesa Sanpaolo’s commitment to the needy, one of the objectives of the Business Plan, which has involved the distribution, in addition to garments, of 8.7 million meals and 131 thousand medicines, and the provision of 519 thousand beds since 2018.

The Covid-19 emergency sees the Intesa Sanpaolo Group among the main contributors in fighting the pandemic and supporting people, businesses and local areas. The Bank has donated 100 million euro to the Italian healthcare system through the Department of Civil Protection, one million euro to Covid-19 research from the Charity Fund, as well as making further donations for specific projects and promoting various fundraisers on its forfunding.it platform. In addition to the charity initiatives, significant credit resources have been made available to businesses and families, including the moratorium on loans and other financing.


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