• Sustainability Loan: the innovative solution to transition SMEs to ESG objectives
  • The new credit supplements initiatives already launched by the Group in this area: green financing and advances for the Ecobonus provided for in the Relaunch Decree in 2020, Sustainability Bonds in 2019, and the first “green bond” in 2017

Milan, 31 July 2020 – Sustainability as a pillar for relaunching the country: in this critical phase for the Italian economy, Intesa Sanpaolo further strengthens its commitment to small and medium enterprises, with a new credit solution called Sustainability Loan. Through 2 billion euro in credit, the Group provides support to SMEs planning to make innovative investments based on ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) criteria in line with the European Commission Plan for sustainable growth.

Through this initiative, Italy’s leading banking group reaffirms its strategic role as a catalyst for the country’s ESG transformation, supporting businesses seeking to improve their sustainability profile also thanks to the expertise of Specialist Desks which support them throughout the structural transformation process. This is an important aspect in terms of helping businesses understand which areas to target to strengthen their competitive positioning and generate stable returns over time, creating value that is shared with all stakeholders and linking economic and financial decisions to their environmental and social impacts.

Intesa Sanpaolo’s new Sustainability Loan forms part of this process. The Loan features an innovative formula that makes it possible to share ESG improvement objectives using specific indicators certified by the company and included in the notes to the financial statements. This new type of financing also includes various forms of “recognition” for businesses that achieve their sustainability improvement objectives.

The Group’s broader commitment to facilitating access to credit for SMEs as set out in the objectives of the 2018-2021 Business Plan fits into this framework by promoting solutions focused on the ESG and green transition of businesses and households. With the goal of becoming a benchmark even in terms of sustainability in Italy, the Bank has allocated 5 billion euro in credit to the Circular Economy over the four years, launched the first Sustainability Bond aimed at the circular economy in 2019 after becoming the first Italian bank to issue a green bond for 500 million euro intended to finance renewable energy and energy efficiency in 2017. The Group has also offered to finance the implementation of the European green deal in Italy with 50 billion euro in new loans.

Similarly, Intesa Sanpaolo will offer “green” loans, i.e. mortgages and personal loans that provide attractive interest rates for those who purchase energy-efficient properties. Also, based on the provisions introduced by the Relaunch Decree regarding the increase to 110% in the deduction for energy efficiency and seismic risk reduction expenses (Ecobonus), the Bank will provide private individuals, condominiums and companies of all sizes with modular and flexible financial solutions that include purchasing tax credits from taxpayers.

Finally, in July, Intesa Sanpaolo launched an important new project for the university campus of Grugliasco (Turin) which is entirely funded by the Group. The project will cover an area of 121,660 2 square metres and includes the construction of a sustainable building complex which will be integrated into the surrounding environment creating opportunities to involve local businesses and startups to establish a powerful link between research and production.

Stefano Barrese, Head of the Banca dei Territori Division of Intesa Sanpaolo: “Adherence to ESG principles is a key issue for Intesa Sanpaolo and our stakeholders. Among the many practical elements involved in making this transition, the new two billion euro credit to provide loans for sustainable development will be yet another step forward in relaunching SMEs, which are increasingly moving towards reducing their environmental impact and improving their social and governance performance. Our commitment as a bank also lies in supporting customers in defining objectives based on the ESG criteria by proposing dedicated solutions consistent with these criteria”.

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