• Intesa Sanpaolo special partner of “Los Angeles, Italia. Film, Fashion and Art Fest” for the third year running

  • In ten years the Group has provided approximately 1.3 billion euro to the industry and financed more than 450 audiovisuals


    Los Angeles, 31 January 2020 - Intesa Sanpaolo is taking part as special partner for the third consecutive year at “Los Angeles, Italia. Film, Fashion and Art Fest”. The festival which starts on February 2 in Los Angeles is held in conjunction with MIBACT, the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and ICE.


    Following the success of previous editions, Intesa Sanpaolo renews its participation as a special partner in this international event, creating a great opportunity for meeting and networking with international producers interested in developing co-productions or productions in Italy.


    Intesa Sanpaolo is leader in the Italian audiovisual market and important reference for institutions and industry operators. An industry with such peculiarity that is hard to compare it with other economic sectors and which requires a high operating profile. With a strategic presence throughout Italy and in foreign markets and thanks to its specialized Media & Culture Desk, the Intesa Sanpaolo Group acts as a facilitator in the internationalization of companies and a reference interlocutor for foreign investors.


    A recent survey on 119 Italian cultural and creative enterprises, presented in October 2019 by Intesa Sanpaolo in collaboration with the Studies and Research Department and the Media & Culture Desk, reveals a lively and optimistic sector with specific needs: companies, in fact, require appropriate financial instruments and qualified interlocutors, who can understand their proper needs. This articulated sector includes live performances, museums, publishing, music, video and film productions and employs around 830,000 people in Italy (3.6% of the national workforce).


    The Media & Culture Desk of Intesa Sanpaolo offers targeted products and financial solutions to producers, independent distributors and operators in the industry chain and supports them in identifying the best business development strategies. The bank, thanks to its high specialization, also offers support to foreign executive productions and incoming activity, generating economic and social benefits for the Italian system: about 16 foreign-assisted executive productions, including Six Underground and the latest James Bond, business which represent an important driver of the country's tourism promotion abroad and the attraction of foreign investments in Italy.


    Since 2009 Intesa Sanpaolo Group has provided approximately 1.3 billion of euro to over 80 national producers and supported the over 189 film, 181 tv series and 93 TV format and factual and the distribution of hundreds of films in Italy.


    Among international productions financed by Intesa Sanpaolo there are TV series such as  The Young Pope, The New Pope, L’Amica Geniale, Storia del Nuovo Cognome, Gomorra 1-2-3-4, Suburra, I Medici 2-3, Romanzo Criminale 1-2, Il Cacciatore, La verità sul caso Harry Quebert, Romulus and movies like This Must Be the Place, Leisure Seeker, Pazza Gioia, Capitale Umano, Io e te, Il Traditore and Hammamet.


    With the same spirit and commitment to the promotion of the arts and entertainment, Intesa Sanpaolo also joint several film projects as an associated partner.












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